Foods That Are Bad For Dogs


Chocolate is irresistible, to humans and animals alike. But unfortunately, this is the worst kind of food you can give your dog. It tops the list. There is a substance called Theobromine involved in the making of chocolate. This doesn’t cause any problems in humans, but it’s harmful to dogs. It’s known to be toxic to them. It is popularly found in dark and baking chocolate. Because of this certain food, your dog might be vulnerable to a lot of problems. It can cause your dog to have diarrhea and also vomit. Seizures, tremors, abnormal pulse rate and heartbeats are also caused by this particular food. Therefore, avoid offering chocolate as a treat to your dog.

2.Bacon And Fatty Meat

Are you surprised that your dog can’t have bacon? There’s a pretty good reason behind it. Bacon, ham, and meat contain a lot of fat. This can cause pancreatitis in dogs. Because these fatty foods are high in salt content as well, it’s super easy to catch a stomach infection and have an upset stomach. This can also cause dogs to become more thirsty and increases their level of water intake which can prove to be fatal. Enjoy the bacon and fatty food by yourself.

3.Salty Foods

Salt causes a condition known as sodium ion poisoning. It leads to extreme thirst and excessive urination. The symptoms of consuming a lot of salt include frequent vomiting, high body temperature, bloating, diarrhea, tremors, and seizures, in addition to. Just like bacon, salt can be fatal too. Therefore its always safe to keep it at a minimum level.

4.Garlic And Onions

This combo of food isn’t only bad for the health, but it gives you ad breath as well. This is bad news straight up for your dog. Together, they can be so harmful as they can ruin your dog’s RBC production causing anemia. Although a small dose will not be harmful a bigger dose can lead to harming the red blood cells. It can turn poisonous. Breathlessness, weakness, vomiting, and bad breath are a few symptoms of eating this combo.

5.Milk, Cheese, Ice Cream, And Other Dairy Products

Slipping your dog a string of cheese or some ice cream may not seem like a big deal to you. But dogs aren’t built to process dairy products that easily. They don’t have the enzyme to break down these products. Many dogs might even be lactose intolerant. Because of dairy consumption, dogs vomit, develop gas, or have diarrhea. The fat content is at a high level which leads to pancreatitis, just like fatty food and bacon do.


This is the most controversial food found on the list. It’s beneficial as well as harmful. persin is a substance found in avocados that are found in their leaves, seeds, and bark. This particular substance,  Persin can prove to be quite toxic if taken in a high amount. Dogs generally are unaffected by Persin intake, but a lot of consumption of avocados can cause more harm than good. There’s a whole process of how they become harmful. When the avocados are ripe, the levels of Persin found in the fruit drop too. So the question is, how does the avocado harm the dog? Where does the problem lie with avocados?
It’s normal for your pet or dogs to be interested in fruit plants in the backyard. Especially if you have an avocado plant in the backyard, your dog might indulge a bit too much in it before its ripe. The real harm roots from the stems, seeds, and pits of the plant. All these parts are found to be hard to digest and finish. They can cause several problems. Choking is the most common of all and tops the list. gastrointestinal blockage comes in second. This is so dangerous as it is super painful and the pain can sometimes become fatal. It’s unbearable.

If you want to plant an avocado tree or already have one in your backyard, make sure it’s planted in a space where your dog can’t reach easily. Make sure your dog can’t get anywhere near when the fruit falls. You can do this by prepping the avocados before they reach the dog’s belly. Remove the harmful parts such as the pointy stems and the pits especially. Make sure you do this on ripe avocados. This way you can make sure that your dog will be able to consume healthy avocados instead of the harmful ones. But it’s always recommended to consult the vet before sharing your food with the dog. What suits you might not suit them.

There are other general foods that your dog should probably stay away from, but it’s not always emphasized. Uncooked foods such as regular yeast dough, raw potato, baked apples, fried or cooked bones, caffeine, alcohol, and medicine should be avoided. These foods are toxic and can always end up causing potential danger to your dog’s health. The most common issues can be infections, upset stomachs, gas blockages, choking and death. Make sure the diet you’re sticking to is approved by the vet and the research done is verified. Resist those puppy dog eyes and focus on being a good owner. You don’t want to harm your dog in any way.

6.Raw Meat, Fish, And Eggs

Many experts recommend cooking raw food to destroy any harmful bacteria that can be harmful. The FDA strictly discourages feeding raw meat in diets to dogs. A lot of infections occur because the immune systems become vulnerable. Research has shown that raw eggs contain enzymes that cause horrible skin issues and diseases in dogs. a raw diet has proven to be harmful and risky. Before feeding your dog raw food, you need to know how to prepare it so the risks are reduced. Running to the grocery store, purchasing raw meat, and feeding it to your dog isn’t okay nor safe at all. Before switching to a completely raw food diet for your dog, make sure you go through the proper steps in preparing it. You don’t want to feed your dog food with a high level of bacteria. Your dog might end up getting badly sick with infections.

7.Candy, Gum, Peanut Butter, And Baked Goods

Sweets are so tempting. Treating your dog with sweets might not seem a big deal to you but the very ingredient known as xylitol can be really dangerous for your dog. Intake of this can cause an insulin surge that drops sugar level and increases the chance of liver failure., vomiting, lethargy, tremors, seizures are some popular symptoms. Peanut butter especially is made with xylitol. Avoid feeding your dog peanut butter, candy, and gum. Choose candy that doesn’t have this ingredient and still make sure you don’t feed it regularly.

8.Grapes And Raisins

This is probably the most surprising food that you’ll find on the list. Your dog has probably consumed some raisins or grapes here and there without any issues, but unfortunately, it’s risky. They have been known as the reason behind renal failure in dogs. The kidneys in your dog’s system start deteriorating. This can lead to death eventually. It’s therefore always recommended to keep them away from dogs.

9.Sugary Food

While food with a lot of sugar content isn’t good for humans, its also not good for dogs either. Obesity, diabetes and bad dental health are the number one issues caused by sugary food. feeding your dog sugar can become bad real fast. Cutting back on sugary food is the best way to go about it.