10 Harmless Body signals that may indicate underlying health conditions


The human body works in a splendid natural mechanism. Occasional health problems are not a matter of concern as our bodies are programmed to combat these. Our bodies have innate defense mechanisms to fight different body issues. However, our bodies give specific indications of what is happening inside us. So, we must understand what our body is trying to tell and what different body signals mean. Here are the 11 body signals that you should never ignore.

Dark circles around your eyes

Dark circles below your eyes can be due to many reasons. It can be due to the lack of sleep or anemia, i.e., lack of red blood cells. Health professionals suggest that it is essential for you to sleep at least seven to eight hours per night. If you don’t, your lack of sleep will be visible in your body language and as dark circles around your eyes, and you wouldn’t want that. Would you?


Change in the color of your finger

Seek medical help immediately if you notice that your finger colors are changed. Reynaud’s syndrome can be responsible for your change in finger color. Reynaud’s syndrome causes the blood vessel in the fingers and toes to get narrowed, usually when you are cold or stressed. The blood then fails to reach the surface of your skin, and thus your fingers will turn white or blue. 

Blurred sight

Occasional tired eyes and puffiness are normal. It can result from overworking or extreme use of your eyes, but if you feel that your eyes are more tired than usual and your vision seems impaired, it is time for you to get yourself checked for astigmatism or short-sightedness. You’re your optician’s appointment as soon as possible to avoid further eye disruption. 

Spots and bands in your vision

You may have noticed blobs and stripes surfacing your vision occasionally, which usually happens when your retina encounters bright light. These stripes disrupting your vision are called eye floaters. These ‘eye floaters’ are often nothing to worry about, but if these tend to become persistent and won’t seem to go away within a week, you may have a cataract condition. Get your eyes adequately assessed by your optician to save your precious vision from further damage.

Regular stomach gurgling

You may have heard your stomach making gurgling and rumbling noises, and you instantly know it’s mealtime (or snack time, maybe). However, if you hear and feel this rumbling and gurgling even after you’ve finished your meal or during a meal, and these sensations come with pain in your tummy, then it’s time to see your doctor. Occasional rumbling sensations and sounds of rumbling are not a matter of concern.

Skin peeling

The peeling of the skin can be due to various factors such as sunburns, allergic reactions, or even a lack of essential vitamins in your body. Skin peeling because of the scarcity of vitamins can be overcome by a balanced diet and moving to a healthy eating lifestyle. However, if this skin peeling comes with itching, you may have some fungal infection. It is suggested to visit your doctor right away to avoid further spreading or worsening of the disease.

Reduced sense of smell

Our body functions degenerate as we get older, and our sense of smell is no exception. However, sometimes you can experience this loss of smell in earlier life stages, too, which means a quick visit to your health care professional. This loss of sense of smell can be due to any viral infection or a common cold. 

Twitching sensation in eyelids

Sometimes exceeding workload and extra strain on the eyes can result in involuntary eye twitching. You need to splash some water on your eyes or cover them with soaked cotton pads. Get yourself checked with a neurologist if this remedy doesn’t work with your eye twitching. Regular twitching indicates the presence of a grave nervous system problem.

Continuous tingling sensation in the ear 

Most people tend to ignore this critical indication given by our bodies that something is not correct. People think ear tingling is unrelated to health. Specific noisy surroundings can trigger this sensation. However, a medical condition called tinnitus can be the cause, too, due to any underlying health condition. Do get checked to make sure there are no underlying causes.

Shoulder joint dislocation

You may have an unstable shoulder joint if your shoulder movement seems loose, which was otherwise stable. Apparently, some people are born with flexible joints and can move freely; however, this freeing of ligaments can be due to any injury. If later is the case with you, then a doctor’s proper evaluation is necessary.