10 Other Uses Of Bread That You Can Try

Most of us eat bread and that’s about all we do with it. But bread has so many other cool uses that you can try today. Here are 10 other things to do with your bread besides eat it:

1.Pick up Shattered Glass

Even broken a glass cup or anything made of glass? You’ll recollect that the biggest challenge to breaking glass is picking up the pieces after they’ve shattered on the floor. A piece of bread picks up smashed glass so effectively and you want this since the smallest piece of leftover glass can hurt yourself or someone else if it’s stepped on.

2.Make Your Old Paintings Come Alive

I bet you never knew you could do art with bread. The inner part of bread is soft and is hallow. Cut a piece of soft bread and dab it over the painting, picking up the dust and dirt that has accumulated on it without messing up the picture. Once you’re done, you’ll see your paintings clean and alive.

3.Make Greens smell better

Greens can smell bad but not when you have bread. When you wash your veggies and stick them in the fridge, they can still go bad quickly since they are exposed to humidity. If you stick a slice of bread in the container with the veggies, the bread can soak up the humidity and the veggies will not rot or smell bad as quickly.

4.No more onion tears

No one likes to cut onions because of the tears it causes. Now you can have bread to your rescue. Cut a bit of old bread and stick it a bit into your mouth but leaving some portion visible on your lips. Onion causes tears as it releases sulfates when you’re cutting it. The bread will absorb the sulfate gas making your onion-cutting experience tearless.

5.Take Out Spinsters

Yes, bread really can be your doctor. Jokes apart, if you get a splinter, you don’t have to dig into your skin with a needle and end up hurting yourself or causing an infection. Instead, you can use bread to remove the splinter easily. How? Pour a little hot water on a piece of bread but don’t soak it too much. Then put the bread on your sskin, covering the splinter, and cover the area with a bandage. Repeat a couple of times till the splinter come out. What happens is hot water softens your skin and the bread soaks up the splinter.

6.Massage Your Feet

Need a foot massage? Then bread and acid vinegar to the rescue. Vinegar can help cracked skin while bread can massage your skin. If you want to go a bit further and experience the ultimate massage, leave the bread soaked in vinegar overnight by putting some plastic bags over your feet and wearing a pair of socks. You’ll wake up wondering why you’d never done this before.

7.Preserve your cake

It’s funny that bread can preserve cake but it does! When you cut cake, you have now exposed a portion of the cake to air and the cake can start to get bad and lose its shape. Stick some bread on the cut section to hold the cake in shape as well as prevent the cake from absorbing air which can make it go bad faster.

8.Remove the Bad Taste from Burned Rice

Many of us have burned rice more than a few times and we end of throwing the rice away. instead of throwing rice away the next time you burn it, remove the burned part and place a slice of bread on the rest of the rice. The bread will absorb the burned smell and taste from the rest of the rice and no one will be any smarter.

9.Clean Your Stains

Bread is a great cleaner and can be useful in getting rid of stains. It’s soft and more gently that sponges or other harsh products that you may typically use for cleaning. Just take a portion of the inner side of the bread and use it as a cleaner without worrying about chemicals that could affect your health negatively.

10.Remove Excess Fat from Meals

We all already know this trick. When you buy food like French fries or make food like bacon, you can press a slice of bread over the food to remove the excess fat. Of course, we don’t recommend you indulge in bacon or French fries as there are so many healthy foods that might contain more fat than you wish to eat. Dab a slice of bread on them and you’re suddenly left with the healthy portion of the food.