10 Simple Hairstyles That Make You Look Much Younger

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Admit it, no one like to look their age, and if there’s a way to look much younger than we are, most of us will run with it. Unfortunately, aging is a natural process and just as our internal body changes, our external features also does. Our skin and nails get weaker and less firm alongside the rest of us. Of course, getting a younger, firmer skin is as easy as using anti-aging products that minimize wrinkles or simply drinking lots of water. Even making up the right way or occasionally detoxifying your self can make your skin glow and cut years off your face. But how about your hair? Your hair also thins as you age and this is a little harder to fix. But, did you know that a simple change in hairstyle can take off ten, even twenty years off your age?

If you’re ready to look at least ten years younger than your age, then here are ten hairstyles that are guaranteed to make you look years younger that you really are!

  1. Sassy and Sleek Bob

No, sleek bobs are not just for younger women. Any women of any age can wear a sassy sleek bob. And also, bobs are no longer the boring and safe style for women who don’t want to be noticed or ladies who prefer to keep things quiet. Bobs are modern and chic and fit just about every face. A sleek bob is a style where the hair is cut just above the chin and shoulders. The bob can have minimal layers, or can be layered by being cut longer in the front than the back. If you prefer a shorter length in the back, try to add some layers in that area to give your hair more volume and edge. A sassy and sleek bob, depending on your hair texture, will allow for movement and fluidity making you look younger than your age. If you want to spice things up a bit, consider a splash of your favorite hair color to go along with your new look. A bob is typically really easy to maintain since it requires minimal trims, and it can be styled with ease. And best, a well-cut bob is a guaranteed hairstyle that will make you look younger as it shaves years off your age.

  1. Soft Bangs

Yes, bangs do go in-and-out of style, but right now, they are in! So, do bangs make you look younger than you really are? We certainly think so! Of course, the shape of your face will determine how good bangs will look on you but the beauty of bangs is that different lengths of bangs will complement different faces shapes, so start long, and then go shorter till you find your own perfect look. You can even get a center part and then add on the bangs if you want to experiment. This looks is popular and modern and can keep you looking fresh. Bangs also have the sweet advantage of hiding the inevitable forehead wrinkles and fine lines that come with age. And they do a good job of framing and highlighting your face while drawing attention away from any undereye circles you might have. So, if you’re adventurous and want to look 10 years younger, polished, and yet so alive, get some bangs! And while you’re at it, some eyeglasses that make you look younger so if you already wear glasses due to the natural aging processes of our eyes, soft bangs can sometimes look great with the right type of eye glasses.

  1. Long Bob also known as “Lob”

The long bob, also known as the “lob”, is a more fun word that “long-bob” for sure. And what exactly is the long bob? So, you have a right to any hair style you want and sometimes, some people want more than just one hair style, so what do they do? Combine two or more styles and come up with a perfect match. When you want a bob and also want to keep your hair relatively long, you inevitably end up with a lob! This longer bob hairstyle has become more modern and popularized over the last few years and you can certainly see why – it is gorgeous, fun, and makes the wearer look young and vibrant. A short bob, also known as a sleek bob, is great but can sometimes be harder to manage if you want it sleek and perfect all the time. It can also be less forgiving of your “bad hair” days. With a longer bob, your hair is more tolerant of the days you just want to be on the move and still looks great on the days you want to look perfect. Since a longer bob has more softness, older women might find it more suiting for their faces as it helps to soften fine line and wrinkles. And since it’s soft and can be made wavier than a sleek bob, a lob has the advantage of framing the face in a less harsh way, something that is guaranteed to make you look much younger than your age. So, if you’re pondering how to look 10 years younger, a fun lob could be the solution you’re looking for.

  1. Low Soft Waves

Long straight hair looks great on most women and is considered cheeky and powerful. A woman with long straight hair will always command attention. While this is great for younger women, a long straight hair on an older woman can look a bit harsh and can sometimes make you look much older than you are. Some people think long hair is not appropriate for women above 30 years, but we say no! You can certainly wear long hair at any phase in your life. Just switch up a little! Consider rocking your long hair but with a waves and curls to keep you looking younger. Soft waves, depending on your hair texture, are flirty, fresh, and easy to maintain. And while you’re at it, perhaps consider a splash of color to make that aged hair look even much younger and more alive. If you do keep your hair long and wavy, consider getting a cut every so often to make sure you keep your edges healthy and prevent split ends which longer hair is more prone to. If your hair is soft, this hair style will be flowy, frame your face, and take the focus off any fine lines you might have on your cheeks and around your lips. So, go for the long hair look and the waves to boot!

  1. Layered Cut

Layered cut has always been super stylish and in style. They become even more in style as you get older and need a look that will take years off your face while making you look great and in control. A layered look is a style where the hair has been cut in different layers to give a definition of fullness and softness. A layered look can easily make a thinner hair look more defined and fuller especially when you add a few curls. Layered cuts are great for all ages but are especially great on older women as the layers help to shape and soften the face, giving an impression of a younger and more youthful age. The best thing about a layered cut is that it is really versatile with so many variations of styles. You can keep your layered cut long, or short. You can add a few front bangs, center part bangs, side bangs, or fringes to give you more style and definition. If you do decide to get a layered cut, you’ll also benefit from the fact that a layered look, especially those with side-swept bangs, can hide fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead as well take the focus away from any dark circles under the eye. You’ll certainly look much younger and poised in a layered cut!

  1. Long Wavy Hair

We’ve agreed that long hair can make you look much younger than you are especially if you add some low waves. An alternative is keeping your hair long still, but adding more than just a few waves at the lower part of your hair. Go big and add more waves all over your hair. This style will give you a head full of soft but controlled waves, a look that is modern and one that will make you look much younger than your age. The waviness and fun of a wavy long hair will make any woman look much more vibrant and younger. Paired with some great makeup tips that make you look younger, your wavy long hair is sure to become one of your favorite styles. Even though long wavy hair is a great style for nearly everyone, if your hair is thinning and weak, it can look dull and lifeless so you’d want to avoid this type of style. But if you’re one of the lucky one with a head full of hair, put some soft curls on it an enjoy people guessing your age to be so much less than you really are! And if you’re at little bit more advanced in age and wondering how to look younger at 50, this hair style might just be for you.

  1. The Natural Curls

Got natural hair? Celebrate it! Is your hair kinky curly, straight curly, wavy curly, short curly, mid-length and curly, messy curly, or just curly?  We say wear your lush curly hair your way. The only sort of curly hair that will have the opposite effect than what you’re looking for is a long and curly style. If you want your curls to make you look younger then you should keep them shorter and closer to your shoulder length. The shorter, the better as it’ll frame your face much better and give you the young baby soft looks. Longer curly hair can sometimes make you look much older and not as modern as you probably want to be so we typically avoid anything much longer than a few inches past your shoulder. With this medium length, your hair is still long enough to be stylish. If you’re going to keep your natural curls looking great, you might want to use products that bring out the best of your natural texture to keep you looking poised and youthful. And drinking a lot of water while maintaining a balanced diet won’t hurt either your efforts to look younger.

  1. Bob with Waves

A variation of the sleek and sassy bob is the bob with waves. A sleek and sassy bob can have some waves when you add layers in it but if you want the layers even more pronounced, then consider adding more waves to the bob. A wavy bob is typically soft, fluid, and downright beautiful. It’s the sort of hair that makes you look like you woke up pretty and didn’t try too hard to look really good. And this look makes you look many years younger than you are. To get this style, start by getting your hair cut into a bob with layers, and then using some styling tools, introduce some waves into your bob. The good thing about wavy bobs is that depending on the texture of your hair, your look can easily revert back to a sleek bob for those days when you don’t want the waves. A wavy bob, just like a sleek bob, is modern, trendy, and powerful. And the wavy bob comes with the advantage of having full body and movement, something that will draw attention off the fine lines on your face while still framing your face and making you look gorgeously younger than you are.

  1. Pixie Cut

Bold, vibrant, and the go-to hairstyle for a lot of celebrities, the pixie cut is just here to stay. This hair style is short, fun, and simply makes you look strong and youthful. Since this is an easy to manage style, it’s a great option for those who don’t have too much time to spend on their hair, or just don’t want to spend too long taking care of their hair in the mornings. A short pixie cut is a hairstyle that is cut short at the sides of the head as well as the back, but tends to be longer on the top of the head. And for some variation, a pixie cut can also come with full soft bangs. Since the hair is short on the side and long on the top, a pixie cut generally gives an impression of a head full of health hair and makes the wearer come off as being much younger than they really are, a great hairstyle for making you look years younger than you are. A pixie hair cut looks great on most faces but can especially flatter people with round face as the sharpness of the cut can soften the roundness of the face. If you’re looking for a great low maintenance hair cut to wipe years off your face, consider getting a pixie cut with some soft bangs. This is a good solution if you’re wondering how to make your face look younger especially after 40 years old.

  1. The Classic Side Part

The classic side part has come a long way and is not going anywhere soon. The beauty of a side part is that you can do this with virtually any hair style you’ve chosen. The classic side part goes with a long bob, sleek bob, a pixie cut, long wavy hair, long hair with low waves, short wavy hair, layered cut, loose soft wave, and pretty much every other hair style. And this is easy to do without any permanent cutting of your hair. In fact, the side part is most women’s go-to hairstyle as it gives off a relaxed vibe. If you don’t want to get the classic and everyday side part, you could opt for a center part, something you’re probably already familiar with and might have tried at some point in your life. The only problem with a center part is that it’s a lot more formal and won’t make you look much younger, unless of course, you’re going for a strict formal look. If you’re the adventurous type, you could do more than just a side part and try the extreme side part! This part will show off your cheek bones while softening the face. Regardless of which side part you chose, a side part will generally make you look much younger, especially the classic side part.

As we get older, our features inevitably get older, but a simple change in hair style can erase up to ten or more years off our age. Apart from getting the right haircut for your face, the right hair color and taking care of your ends like managing your split ends, will make you look years younger – at least 10 years younger – than you really are. So, if you’re in a hair rut or simply need to change how you look, or just want to look younger, one of our recommended haircuts that make you look younger will do the magic.

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