10 Super Fat-Burning Foods

Some foods make us gain weight and some others make us burn fat. Knowing which one does what is a good way to speed up your metabolism and kickstart your weight loss. And not all calories are the same so even when you eat something that is of equivalent size, the caloric content might be different as well as the nutrients. Most food that are considered fat-burning food are either low in calories but are still filling because they have a high fiber content or water content, or just contain the right nutrients and vitamins that can accelerate weight loss or burst fat when eaten and digested. You probably already know most of the food and probably eat them already. But here is a list of our top 10 foods that can burn fat so much that with a little added exercise, you’ll be much closer to your goal weight.


This is rich in nutrients and vitamins and easy to make. Salmon helps food to digest and the polyunsaturated fats that it contains is actually good for your body as well as good for burning fat. So, add salmon to your meal at least once a week. Your body will be grateful you added something so lean and nutritious to your diet.


Any type of edible seeds typically packs in nutrients and vitamins that can get your weight loss on the roll. Nuts, like our favorite – pumpkins seed – not only have good protein but also have fiber to keep you full so you eat less food. Seeds are also light and easy to carry around so when in doubt of what to eat for snacks, takes some seeds with you.


So, oats is not just a fad but we know you’ve probably seen celebrities and lots of fitness and weight loss gurus recommend oats for weight loss. It’s great for protecting the heart as well as keeping you full so you eat less food. Oats have been called a superfood just because of these properties alone. But be careful to get regular oats and not the flavored ones with added sugar.


The is the holy grail of weight loss because they are packed with so much antioxidants, fiber, and nutrients that actually fight stored fat to make you leaner. The more berries you add to your diet, the less hungry you’ll be and so you’ll eat less calories. Berries have been around for most of humanity and has helped from generation to generation maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Eggs

Most people that are big on weight loss know that eggs do so much for weight control as it contains so much good protein. Most people choose to eat eggs white to power through their workout or work day but eating eggs – white or whole can help you lose weight. And the great thing is that there are so many ways to eat eggs so you never get bored.


This is another food type that can help you lose weight when you eat the right dairy and in the right amounts. Studies show that foods high in calcium can help you lose weight especially weight around the abdomen. But, when we say dairy, we mean healthy foods like natural yogurt and milk and not certain things like ice cream or flavored milk that can pile on the weight.


Not every one likes Tuna and that’s understandable, but tuna contains healthy proteins and nutrient that fill you up and help you lose weight. Tuna also contains omega-3s which are essential for your body to function properly. Tuna is also easy to add in your diet since it’s easy to find and use. Just try to use natural tuna as it’s safer and healthier.

8.Peanut Butter

This is one of those controversial fat blasters because some people think peanut better will make you gain weight while others think it will make you lose weight. Bottom line is that you should eat peanut butter in moderation to get the best benefits. Peanut butter can be eaten with several other things to make you feel full faster.

9.Green Peas

This is another food that a lot of people don’t necessarily love but one that packs so much goodness that you simply should have this in your diet. Peas help reduce bloating and water retention that typically causes weight increase. Peas are also good vegetable to have when you need something light that is still packed with nutrients.


The case of veggies vs. carbohydrate? So, what are potatoes? These filling food are starchy vegetables just like corn and peas. They are also foods that are rich in nutrients that can keep you fuller for a longer time. You can make potatoes a million ways but our favorite is baking them with a sprinkle of nutrient-rich olive oil to assist in more weight loss.


There are so many foods that can help you lose weight and picking the right food that boosts weight loss can make a difference to whether you lose weight or not.