10 surprising healthy foods that cause weight gain

Calorie in, Calorie out! We all know that saying and most of us trying to lose weight or maintain our weight try to abide by this mantra. We also know that calories are not cut even and some foods have more calories than others. Different foods have different caloric content even when they have the same serving size. So how do we make sure that the food we’re eating is nourishing our body and not causing weight gain? By making sure we know the foods that cause weight gain and balance them out with the foods that cause weight loss. There are surprisingly so many foods that seem health but in retrospect, cause weight gain! Knowing and avoiding or eating these foods in moderation will help you get the perfect weigh you desire.



We know nuts are healthy. They have antioxidants that keep us healthy; they have fiber that keep us fuller longer so we’re not eating unneeded calories; they are a healthy alternative to many other snacks we shouldn’t be eating. So, what wrong with nuts then? Well, nuts are also densely packed with calories so if you eat too many nuts, you’re bound to put on weight. So, eat nuts to stay healthy but eat them in moderation.



Avocado is one of our superfoods and we know that it helps boost our metabolism and aids in weight loss. It’s also juicy and helps keep us fuller longer as well provides great nutrients for our bodies. But did you know that Avocados can pile on the weight when we eat too much of it? Yes, you can certainly indulge in avocado but eat them in moderations so you get the weight loss effect rather than the weight gain that could come from it as well.


3.Fruit Juices

Drink up your juice so you don’t waste it sounds like something you would have heard as a kid. Don’t drink soda but instead drink some juice. This sounds good until you realize that fruit juices, even those without added sugars, can pile on a ton of calories which can lead to weight gain. Go for the water and if needed, add some fruit in your water. You’ll get the effect of the fruit-flavor without the added calories that come with drinking just juice.


4.Dates and Dried Fruits

Dates and dried fruits sound like health alternative to candy, and they are certainly. We say to pick a few dates or some dried fruits over candy any day, but, also remember that some dried fruits contain a lot of calories for their serving size. When fruits are dried and look smaller, you might eat a lot more of them because suddenly, your mind doesn’t equate the fruit size to the bigger fruit it once was. This can lead to over eating and of course, the calories piling up.


5.Flavored Coffee

This is one of our favorite food items to indulge in, but we also know that flavored coffees can make or break your diet and weight loss goals. Adding flavor shots to coffee might not add a lot of calories if you’re adding just a bit but the issue is that most of the flavored coffee out there, especially commercial ones, are packed with so much additional sugar that you end up adding more calories to your already perfect morning beverage.



This one is a culprit for adding weight without people thinking about it. Smoothies sound so healthy until you realize what’s in it. If you make your own at home, you have a better control of what you’re drinking but if you’re having it made outside, most times, you have no control over what you’re drinking and could end up ingesting a ton more calories than you need to. And, if you do decide to eat an entire meal with a side of caloric smoothies, that, as you can imagine, is not a great combination.


7.Protein bars

These babies are great for keeping hunger away but they are also notorious for being highly caloric. So, yes, you can grab a protein bar to help you get through a workout or a running session or even just your normal every day powerwalk, but remember that they are typically packed with a lot of calories along with the protein, so eat these in moderation to keep the weight gain under control.


8.Granola bars

These make for a quick snack when you have nothing else to eat. Yes, they are a better substitute than candy and French fries, and potato chips and other things you probably shouldn’t be eating, but granola bars are mostly made of carbohydrates unless you find specialty ones and this mean they are not as healthy as you might think. Eating them once in awhile won’t hurt but replacing your entire meal with them too may times can lead to the weight piling up.


9.Frozen yogurt

Sounds healthy? Seems so! Afterall, what can be unhealthy about a yogurt, frozen or not? Wait until you analyze the calories and sugar, especially, in that cup of frozen yogurt you have and your mind will be blown. Most frozen yogurts are made with real yogurt, but they also come packed with so much more stuff to give them the flavors that appeal to frozen yogurt lovers. These extras mostly come in form of sugars and extra sweet toppings that do nothing good for your weight loss.


10.Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is healthy, right? Yes and No. Healthy when eaten in moderation but not health when overeaten. Yes, you can eat peanut butter as a healthy alternative especially when eaten with things like apples, celeries and other favorite fruits and veggies, but remember that it’s made of nuts and is also calorie-laden so eat this only in moderation. We say keeping within the serving size and adjusting the rest of your calories will keep you safe and healthy.


Keeping and maintaining a healthy weight is often hard but when you know the right foods to eat and the foods to adjust, you’ll do a much better work of keeping your weight exactly where you need it to be!