10 Things That We’ve Done Wrong All Our Lives

It’s easy to get used to doing things a certain way especially when we’ve been told that’s how it’s done. But there are a few things that we’ve probably done wrong all our lives but are used to doing it that way so it seems normal. When you meet someone else who probably does that same thing in a different way, and they try to correct you or tell you how else it can be done, chances are that you’ll disbelieve them because, you’ve always done it your way and your way is the best.

Here are 6 things we’ve ways done our way which is not necessarily the best way to them:

1.Half Squeeze Lime

Trying to get the juice out of lime seems so simply yet it can be daunting. Even when you use a lime squeezer, you might not get all the juice out of the lime. Most of us cut the lime in half and then try to squeeze it. What ends up happening is that can’t get to the juices at both ends of the lime and that become a waste. So, what is the best way to get the juice out of lime? Cut both tips of the lime first, then cut the lime in half. Squeeze each half and allow the juice to flow through the end/tip of the lime like it’s a funnel. Doing it this way allows you to get most of the juice out of the fruit.

2.Sleeping Right

Who could have though there was a right way and wrong way to sleep? Most people sleep the way they are most comfortable with and this is any way they like. But sleep experts suggest that there are better ways than what we currently do which is to have a pillow under our head. They are suggesting that we can use a second pillow on the lower part and allow this pillow to support our spine and legs. You can either place the pillow between your legs or place you legs over the pillow. In this position, blood flow better from your head to your toe and back, reducing any tensions you might feel in your neck or back.

3.Dipping Oreo Cookies with Our Fingers

Almost every kid love Oreos and milk and how else do you eat this combination except to dip the Oreo with your finger into the milk. The disadvantage of that is that you get your hands all messy and possibly introduce bacteria into your milk if you’re not careful. So, what is the proper way to do it? Insert a fork into the opening between both Oreos (where the cream is) and dip the fork and cookie into the milk. Now you have a perfectly milked Oreo as well as clean fingers.

4.Children’s Juice Box

We’ve all been there. Spilled juice from juice boxes when you hand the juice over to kids. And you don’t blame them. The juice boxes are filled to the brim and when you insert a straw into them and hand them to the child, there’s no way it’s not going to spill as they hold the juice in the center, right? Wrong! Have the child hold both flaps of the juice box at the top of the juice before they start drinking and this will prevent spills.

5.Pistachios Art

Opening pistachios sounds simple right? You basically struggle with the nut and when you give up, you try to use your teeth to crack it. Face it, pistachios are hard to open and I can assume no one has every told you how to open it right. Well, the easiest way to crack open a pistachio is by using another pistachio’s shell to break open the shell. So, if you have more than one pistachio at hand, use one to open the other and save yourself some time and aggravation.

6.Peeling Oranges

Most of us peel oranges with our hands because it’s so easy and convenient.But sometimes, the orange skin is not easy to peel and we’re stuck fighting the orange. The easiest way to peel an orange regardless of what sort of skin it comes with is to cut off a bit of rind from both ends of the orange, then using a knife, cut the orange diagonal and then open it up. This way, the orange slices line up nicely and you can then eat them easily without any more peeling or cutting.