11 Natural Products That Have Antibacterial Properties


Antibiotics are used to treat and control bacterial infections. Before the discovery of antibiotics, many bacterial infections that are now very treatable led to people dying. Without antibiotics, when someone gets infected, the bacterium multiplies in the body. The body naturally tries to fight the infection and sometimes, can succeed, but most times, the bacteria is much more than the body can handle and they eventually destroy the body leading to sepsis. Sepsis is a serious infection where the body shuts down due to an infection that has spread to the blood. With the introduction of antibiotics, million of people no longer have to succumb to bacterial infections. Surgeries, something that was sometimes dangerous because of bacterial infections that can happen during surgery, is now safer since patients can get antibiotics prophylactically (before the surgery), or post-surgery.

However, different types of bacteria have adapted as humans create antibiotics to prevent and eradicate it – survival of the fittest. So as humans use more and more antibiotics, the bacterium modifies itself to become resistant to the drug. This is called antibiotics resistance and is something the medical world keeps track of since we don’t want to run out of options to treat bacterial infections.


While humans have been busy creating antibiotics in the labs, mother nature has also done the same as well. Several things in nature have antibacterial properties and in fact has been used as antibiotics way before we invented them in the lab. Sometimes, these natural products do all the work before you even get to the stage where you need an antibiotic from the doctor. We don’t advocate skipping antibiotics as that can be problematic and fatal but we do want to let you know about these 11 natural antibiotic products.


This is a time proven antibiotic and antiviral. Most people use it to treat and prevent the common cold. It comes in forms of pure extract as well as tablet formulations. It’s also used for keeping bacterial infection in check when you have an open wound. Echinacea is readily available but make sure to read the labels to make sure you’re getting the pure product.

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