Exclusive Makeup Tips For Older Women


Something just about every woman worries about at some point or another is their makeup looks. We are constantly to look good and feel good, and it’s something that begins basically since the moment of birth this why every women has a makeup bag.

At the end of the day though, it is up to the individual if they want to wear makeup or not. It’s not something they should feel they have to do to please someone else.

Don’t worry about your makeup looks if you feel you don’t look as good as you used to. With some beauty hacks you’ll be looking radiant once again. With that in mind, here are 15 makeup tips for older women chosen by makeup artist .

#1.Mascara Comes in Handy if You’re out of Eyeliner

Save the day – and your eyes – with mascara for makeup eyes. Work the mascara spoolie deep and collect a good blob of mascara. Transfer the mascara onto a clean and hard surface, such as your fingernail, and dab the edge of a fine-point brush into the mascara. Use it to paint a fine line along your lashes (thick lines are hard to apply evenly). This is a safe and effective method to use mascara as eyeliner and keep mascara on for a long time.click next below to read more