15 Best Makeup Tips For Mature Skin

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As women get older, their skin tends to lose its elasticity. Maintaining a smooth and plump looking skin becomes harder once they move past the age of fifty. If you are one of those ladies, then worry not! There are several tricks that you can add to your arsenal when it comes to taking care of your skin. Moreover, when it comes to makeup, these tips will help you navigate the whole new journey you will be taking with your mature skin. Here is a list of groundbreaking makeup tips and tricks that will surely make your lives much easier.

15.The Magical Combination Of Moisturizer And Hyaluronic Acid

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Every woman is aware that moisturizer should be an important step in their daily routine, no matter what type of skin they have. However, you can further maximize the effects of your moisturizer by using certain tricks. First of all, in order to provide your skin with the proper hydration it needs, you should always apply your moisturizer before applying your foundation. This step ensures that any fine lines remain hidden. Even though moisturizer itself is enough before applying your makeup; however, you can take your skin one step further by using hyaluronic acid serum prior to applying your moisturizer. This will make your makeup look flawless and your skin will be glowing.

14.Add Strength To Your Lashes With Baby Oil

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As you get older, your eyelashes starts getting thinner, which is completely normal. However, there are ways you can prevent or slow down this thinning process. Here’s what you can do: Firstly, you should use your makeup remover and properly clean your face each night. For properly removing every bit of mascara and hydrating your lashes, use a cotton pad and a couple of drops of baby oil. Close your eyes and gently wipe that oil-soaked piece of cotton on your lashes. This will both clean and hydrate your lashes; hence, stopping them from thinning too quickly.

13.Use Gloss To Plump Your Lips

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Yet another sign of aging is your lips starting to appear thinner. Before you even think about getting lip fillers, hold on a second. If you want to achieve that plump lips look then start using glossier lipsticks and lip glosses and let go of your matte lipsticks. In order to get that look, firstly use a lip liner and line the lips. Then use a lipstick shade that is a bit darker as compared to the natural color of your lips. Purchase a decent-quality lip gloss for that added sparkle and shine. Thanks to the reflective quality of the gloss, it will instantly give you that plumped lips look minus the pain of lip fillers.

12.For Thicker Lashes Use Translucent Powder

As mentioned above, as you age your lashes begin to look thinner. However, using certain makeup tricks, you can give your lashes a natural boost. You can do that by using translucent powder in order to thicken the lashes before applying your mascara. Firstly, using the wand of a mascara, gently dust the translucent powder on the lashes, then after that apply your mascara as you normally do. Lastly, by using a clean brush, swipe off any extra powder, and there you go! Your eyelashes have increased in thickness, all thanks to that additional coat of the translucent powder!

11.Instant Eyelift Minus The Pain

Are you thinking about getting an eyelift? Before you move on with that, you might want to give this painless and less expensive makeup trick a try. Firstly, use primer all over your eyes and all the way to the eyebrows as well. Secondly, use a creamy and light shadow or a highlighter and gently apply it right under the eyebrows. Not only will this give you the appearance of an eyelift, it will also make your eyes and also your eyebrows pop. This is an easy trick with a flawless and youthful finish.

10.For Gorgeous And Defined Features, Contouring Is The Key

The younger youth is not the only ones who can benefit from contouring. Women above fifty can also fully take advantage of this new hot trend and get that gorgeous yet defined look that will make them look younger and more modern. By using the right amount of both blush and bronzers, you can easily highlight your most prominent and favorite features, such as high cheekbones. At the same time, you can use contouring to hide your less favorite features as well, such as a bigger nose, a double chin, or even thinner lips. The right combination of these light and dark makeup products can drastically change your appearance, and shave off several years from the face.

9.The Right Shade Of Concealer Can Change Everything

Whether it is powder, foundation, bronzer, or the concealer; when it comes to mature skin, it is crucial to choose the right products if you want that fresh-face look. As women age, their under eye skin also becomes more difficult to conceal due to more redness, darker circles, etc. Therefore, concealers that are creamier or in liquid form are much more suitable for older skin as compared to stick concealers. Concealers in liquid form blend much easier and do not look cakey. Plus, they also don’t contain wax, which is not suitable for mature skin.

8.Opt For Natural Looks In Order To Look More Youthful

Your 20s and your 30s were the times when you would pair together bold looks, such as smoky eyes and dark purple lips. However, these same bold looks might not look the same once you are over fifty. In fact, more natural looking makeup is much more suitable as you get older that either focuses on the lips or the eyes. If you are adding some color to your eyes, then pair that with light salmon-brown or nude lips, in order to create the right balance making you look a lot younger.

7.Switch To Foundation With A Yellow Undertone

When it comes to younger-looking skin, foundations with yellow undertones are the way to go. However, your foundation should always match the color of your skin. Hence, when you do buy a foundation in your shade, make sure that it has a bit of yellow undertone and not a pink undertone. Complete your look with a bit of mascara, rosy cheeks, and a warm-tone eyeshadow in order to get that youthful look you will surely return to again and again.

6.Staying Away From Dark Lipsticks

As mentioned above, women’s lips get thinner as they age; hence, glossier lipsticks and lip glosses are a better option for them. Moreover, dark colored lipsticks also affect the size of the lips, and makes them look thinner. Therefore, women over fifty are suggested not to go for darker lipsticks and start using lighter shades, such as warm pink-browns and rosy reds. Of course, there is always an exception. Women with darker skin tones and naturally plump lips can rock the darker shades for as long as they want.

5.Use The Correct Lining Technique For Bigger Eyes

As you get older, your eyes should be a feature on which most of your makeup should be focused. Picking the right eyeshadow and using the correct technique to line your eyes can make you look a lot younger. Additionally, the wrong lining technique can make you look older. Hence, it is important to focus more on the eyelashes and the bottom rim of your eyes. For starters, stop lining the inner side of the bottom rim of your eyes. Instead, line the area that is between the lower lashes and the rim. This will not only make your eyes bigger, it will also give you a bold and seductive look.

4.Use The Correct Type Of Pencil For Flawless Eyebrows

The right shape of the eyebrows is crucially important when it comes to framing your whole face. However, just like eyelashes, the eyebrows also start getting thinner as women age. In order to maintain your eyebrows and make them look natural, switch from your brow powder to an eyebrow pencil instead. If you are someone who also has to deal with a few bald spots then do not worry. You just need to increase your eyebrows’ density. Using a skinny eyebrow pencil, you can start tracing your eyebrow hairs upwards, mirroring the appearance of your natural eyebrow hairs. By doing this technique and using an eyebrow pencil, you can easily cover any bald spots and your eyebrows will look natural and flawless.

3.Ditch The Liquid Liners And Instead Use Eye Pencils

Even though, creating a cat eye look using the darkest liners might have been your go-to look in your 20s and the 30s, but trying that look in your 50s may not be right for you. Therefore, if you do want to line your eyes then let go of the liquid eyeliners and start using eye pencils instead. They are much more flexible and softer as compared to eyeliners, which makes them more malleable and more forgiving for your eyes. Hence, achieving that flawless look should no longer be a hassle. Furthermore, once you have applied the eye pencil on your eyes, you can smudge it slightly in order to soften the eyes and achieve a gorgeous and alluring smoky look.

2.For A Gorgeous Look, Curl Your Lashes

As mentioned above, your eyes should be your main focus when doing your makeup since bigger eyes will give you a younger look. Therefore, in order to make them pop, you need to use every possible trick that is out there. One of those great tips is to use an eyelash curler on your lashes. However, there is a way you can maximize your eyelash curler’s effect for great looking lashes. Firstly, use your blow dryer to warm up your curler for a couple of seconds. Then test the eyelash curler on your arm before you use it in order to make sure that it’s not too hot for your eyes. Next, you continue using your curler like you normally do. After that, add two coats of your mascara in order to complete your look and you are all done!

1.Use Your Facial Powder The Correct Way

When women get older, they want their makeup to make them look rested and fresh, plus they also want to feel good in their skin. The last thing you need is a makeup look that not only feels too heavy, but also looks artificial. One of the causes of a heavier looking makeup look is using too much powder on the face. Using this much powder is totally unnecessary as you get older. In fact, according to experts, using a lot of face powder actually ends up emphasizing the wrinkles instead of concealing them. Therefore, if you want your makeup to look natural and fresh, apply your face powder only on certain areas of the face, such as your T-zone, the chin, and the inner cheeks, which is basically the central area of the face.