15 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

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I try look at them with my bare eyes … I see some impossible turns and incoming traffic on the wrong side. Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for a frightening journey that includes the most dangerous roads in the world. You’ll say no more driving before we reach our final stop!
If you were thinking that parking in parallel with other cars from your first try means that you are a professional driver, let us tell you about some roads that even rally drivers would fear to ride on it. And these roads have these kinds of ramps and slopes that will make you wonder if you are witnessing the work of a madman or a result of an idea that someone got while watching roller coasters and decided to design a road that looks like it.

Zoji La Pass, India

If you are looking for a Sunday drive, then Zoji La Pass should never ever be on your list.
At an elevation of 3500 m above sea level, this pass provides a vital link between two of India’s most remote regions, as it connects Ladakh to Kashmir.
It is a huge gamble to use the Zoji Pass as hundreds of people die on each side of it. You are never aware of what might face you on that road, a mid-summer blizzard or some heavy downpour that puts you in front of a landslide during your ride.
Even if you got lucky and escaped these natural elements, the Zoji Pass can still surprise you with other deadly feature, with a road that narrow, it would be impossible for you to stop and enjoy the view, and the worst think you might face in your journey on that road is incoming traffic.
With a road that dangerous, you won’t be looking to go backward after managing to cross the tight turns in your journey, however, that is very acceptable when comparing it to the possibility that you might fall of the road because of some loose gravel.
You think that this is the worst think that might happen, then what about being stuck in rush hour traffic and finding a herd of goats that benefits from the rules of the local road that gives them the priority to cross
Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for the second dangerous road in our journey!

Passage du Gois, France

Passage du Gois is a road that any driver hates, a nightmare that they would be very delighted to overcome it.
The Passage du Gois can be found on the French coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the Passage du Gois is 4.2 km long and it connects the island of Noirmoutier with the mainland. What makes it the perfect trap for tourists, is a little thing that locals know, which is the fact that the road is flooded twice every day because of the high tide.
With that danger of high tide, can you imagine facing an engine problem midway through the passage? This would be like a nightmare as you watch the sea level rises around you and the water surrounds your car from everywhere.
Don’t worry! It won’t be the first time that someone goes on an involuntary journey to the ocean. The ocean road is known for having drivers who found no option but to surrender to the tide and let the ocean have them.
What is more frightening is that the road also caused a couple of shipwrecks since its opening which was back in 1577, and also witnessed the seemingly impossible collision between a car and a ship.
Our journey is just getting started! Let us check another road that will you believe that walking might be a much better option than driving!

Kolyma Highway, Russia

The road of Bones, you might have heard it in a movie or a video game and felt some shiver in you body, but that road really exists, it is R504 Kolyma Highway in Russia.
The highway connects the cities of Yakutsk and Magadan, this highway is the eastern portion of a road network that crosses through all Siberia.
It is fair to say that it shouldn’t be called a highway. The road is full of hostile terrain that scare almost everyone.
Whatever reason you might have, you should not travel on that road during the spring! Generous rains and vast rivers reclaim section of the road during that period, what constitutes a muddy nightmare for any driver.
If you are still wondering why it is nicknamed the road of the bones, you might find that out with your own eyes when you make a journey there, but let me tell that you might come across some bones of the forced laborers that built the Kolyma Highway. And if that doesn’t do the trick, I believe that crossing over the unstable bridges and facing grizzly bears will!
Our journey with the drivers’ nightmare roads hasn’t reached its last stop yet.

Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

A journey to China in which you would drive the Guoliang Tunnel Road! You better reconsider this once again because it is not for the faint of heart.
Most of the road is cut in the cliff face what makes it a dangerous experience, but what adds to the danger is that you have go through a rather small tunnel, you won’t be able to cut lanes on this road as it barely permits two normal-sized vehicles to pass at the same time.
This road is found in the Taihang Mountains of the Henan Province, this frightening, and extremely high mountain has an exciting back. Don’t imagine modern machinery that work and drill through this mountain!
The Guoliang Tunnel was built in 1970s and it was carved in the purest Chinese fashion. Thirteen villagers sold their livestock in order to buy the necessary tools to begin cutting the 1.2 km stretch of rock that was separating the village from the outside world.
At a pace of 1 meter every three days, seeing those chisels to work would take you back to times of Prehistory.
Our next road will let you know the reason why driving on the oceanfront is not a good idea.

Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Forget all of these T.V commercials about cars enjoying the Atlantic Ocean Road.
This route is characterized by salty waves that has the size of a 3-story house, so if you have a problem with seeing these waves hit your car, you shouldn’t take that route, because of the moist, it would be difficult for you to navigate calmly even iff the sea is not in rage.
If you are not afraid of the idea that the Atlantic Ocean might have your car, then I guess that the eight bridges that enjoy 8% slope will make you afraid. Norwegians engineers had to do what the local Vikings wanted and enable them to reach their beloved fjords after a good old plunder.
Being recognized as a “Cultural Heritage Site” by Norway doesn’t make it less dangerous. Whether it is because of some reckless drivers who gets distracted by the wonderful landscape and fail to focus on the road or because of these who want to try what they have seen on “Top Gear,” and because of all that the Atlantic Ocean Road remains to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world.
Those who are looking for thrill will love our next road, but don’t blame anyone but yourself if you favored thrill over your life!

North Yungas Road, Bolivia

North Yungas Road deserves to be crowned the Death Road.
The North Yungas road Connects Bolivia’s capital La Paz with the mining town of Coroico. This path’s width is no more than 3.2 meters, what makes you wish you had the road all to your own. The most common accident that happens there is falling off the edge, the road claims the lives of about 300 people on a yearly basis.
For thrill seekers visiting the company, visiting that road is a must. While ascending to 4,650 m on the Altiplano, you go through the jungle, and you taste the bustling La Paz and all that sound like fun, but the tradeoffs for these are not mentioned in any travel guide.
Drivers who managed to go through the North Yungas road safely have described the suffering they went through during their journey, a lot of hairpin twists and high altitude that will definitely make you throw up.
What makes it more difficult to determine the right direction is the existence of waterfalls that cuts your way in addition to the fog and if you thing that closing your eyes would make them go away, it won’t!
We are nearly halfway our journey, we have seen a lot, but we still have more dangerous roads to see!

James Dalton Highway, Alaska

When you hear James Dalton Highway, you should recognize it as the most dangerous road in Alaska.
This road passes through some isolated settlements (Coldfoot, Deadhorse) that will give you a hint of the dreads of the north. The second problem here is the total length of the road that reaches 666 km.
Dalton Highway is not for visitors and travelers who want to see the real Alaska, the one outside the reach of tour operators. This road was laid in 1974 in order to support the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.
The cold is not the only problem, your money might go on fuel shortage or collision with some trucker that fell asleep. The Dalton Highway is solely traveled by long haulers for whom this long road provides a good nap temptation.
The next dangerous road is different and its reason for being on the list is not ordinary!

Eyre Highway, Australia

Australia’s Eyre Highway gives us another aspect of road danger.
With it being in the south of the continent, Eyre Highway goes through a landscape of a barren desert. With it being 1600 kilometers of mostly straight, what makes it among the most dangerous roads?
The problem with this road is the monotony of the ride and lack of visual landmarks, what makes it easy to be lost, but all drivers know that this journey might extend beyond 10 hours.
With the absence of visual landmarks, you can easily lose your way, you may sleep and wake up to find yourself on the wrong side of the road.
Some unlucky motorists with get their vehicles wrecked with being hundreds of kilometers away from civilization, and they find nothing as a transportation mean except for their legs, and wait for a passing car and try to convince its driver to give them a ride.
Let us continue our journey to our next dangerous road!

Jalalabad–Kabul Road, Afghanistan

Despite the war, and contrary to what you might think, Afghanistan still has some roads left.
But these roads that remained aren’t in the best condition, and the national highway linking Jalalabad and Kabul has a 65 km stretch is one of the most dangerous roads to use and of course it is not for novice drivers.
The road is characterized by both rough terrain and the constant danger from Taliban militias who control the area, and when you find a boulder in front of your car, you will be undecided between blaming nature or blaming these terrorists.
Despite the fact that reckless driving is the reason behind most accidents, but the road isn’t that good as it is full of twists and turns and narrow paths that will give you and your car a very hard time.
Are you ready for our next highway?

Federal Highway 1, Mexico

Despite the fact that it is Mexico’s Federal Highway 1, but it still ranks as one of the most dangerous roads.
A recent earthquake caused a land slide that made some of the artery useless. Don’t mistake those trucks! They came to provide aid and the needed filling material.
That is only the beginning of your troubles. Most of the Federal Highway looks in a bad shape and become dusty for long stretches.
Nevertheless, the biggest cause of concern is gangs luring and attacking the vehicles that pass through their areas. Also, there is the highway that follows the long Baja California Peninsula that will find it one day ending with a wall.
Exactly! Trump had yet to withdraw his plan to fence the entire Mexican border with the U.S.
Our journey to the most dangerous roads is getting more and more dangerous!

Paso Internacional Los Libertadores, Chile

Scenic roads are often the most dangerous and the route leading up to the Paso Internacional Los Libertadores is one of these roads.
With a maximum altitude of 3,207 m, this route takes you from Chile to Argentina through a long tunnel that extends to 3 km, what will make it seem endless. Drivers that enter the tunnel safely with their cars are rewarded with a view on Aconcagua, which is South America’s highest peak.
The Chilean side hosts a section named Los Caracoles (the snake), and without any doubts, it deserves that name. With a total of 20 hairpin turns that would make any junior driver losses his or her sense of direction.
What makes this experience more challenging is the fact that there are many trucks transiting the Paso Internacional Los Libertadores. Whatever conditions you might think that it would favor such action, don’t even think about surpassing a convoy when a dangerous curve waits ahead.
Be careful not to drive on the wrong side of the road, because that won’t be appreciated by the Chilean drivers!
We are not there yet, there are other roads to look at in our journey!
Highway 80, Iraq

There is a good reason for making this road one of the most dangerous ones, as it was where thousands of people met death.
In 1991, Saddam Hussein, took the decision to invade Kuwait, what was a major offend to the Arab countries which made a coalition to stop Saddam’s army and make it retreat and stop this invasion.
With the end of the attack, Highway 80 was the scene you are most likely to see following an Apocalypse. For kilometers, the Highway was full with thousands of dead army and civilians with hundreds of vehicles abandoned on the side of the road.
Despite the fact that the traces of this attack are not there anymore, but thinking of the fact that you are driving on the same road that was filled by dead corps all over it will make you think more than a time about turning around.
Now let us take a look at another horrifying road!

Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

Approaching the Eshima Ohashi Bridge is scary, and knowing that after that ascending you will find yourself descending once again is enough to make even the experienced drivers afraid.
Just imagine the engine stalling midway through the climb, or a car descending towards you on the wrong side of the road, this road is only for those looking for thrill. Stretching 1.7 km with incredible 6% slope gradients, the Eshima Ohashi in Japan is the third largest rigid frame bridge in the whole world.
It looks like a roller coaster isn’t it? With the bridge going up and then going down, ten what is the need for paying money to ride the roller coasters, and Japan doesn’t require road tolls anymore, but they introduced fair tickets instead of that.
Hold on to your seats, our journey has one more road ahead!

Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

The Karakoram Highway connects Pakistan with China, and even without seeing the road you can guess a very hard road given geography of the region that is characterized by terrifying mountains.
This highway is the highest road on the planet (4,700 m) and driving that road doesn’t come cheap. You either go through segments that cut through the rock, and hairpin turns remind you that there is long and painful way down.
Traveling the Karakoram Highway is not like going to work, it is much more challenging. Let’s just say you need to pack nearly as many supplies as if you were going to climb the Himalaya.
With the death of 810 Pakistani and 82 Chinese workers during their work on building this highway, the road’s reputation is not very good.
With this dangerous road you should always keep your eyes om it and don’t lose your focus.
Let us go ahead to our last stop in our journey.

Glitched Road, Google Earth

Sometimes while surfing the maps using Google Earth, we come up with photos of roads that we believe that they are the most dangerous roads in the world.
Well, fortunately for drivers that are still venturing in the unknown without a GPS, these roads are found only as a result of the poor renditions of Google Earth. But there is a growing number of engineers who believe it will be a sort of fun to build dangerous rods such as the ones we saw in our journey here.
Viewing these roads and bridges while surfing the internet might seem interesting and exciting, but of course this is not the case for the drivers on these roads and bridges, as these roads are considered to be nightmares for these drivers, even for the experienced ones
And you can see accidents occurring for several reasons such as reckless speed or failure of truckers to keep it within the maximum weight allowed!


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