15 Uses for Toothpaste You Probably Never Considered


Everyone in America has a tube of toothpaste sitting in their bathroom cabinet, right? But I’ll bet you didn’t know it has other uses besides just keeping your teeth clean. A versatile product, toothpaste can be used for a multitude of purposes saving you money by not buying more products.

You heard that right, toothpaste has so many uses and many of them will surprise you. This is great because it is an economical product, something that most people have on-hand already, and can quickly solve a bunch of problems within a few minutes.  Check out some of the best uses for toothpaste you may never have considered:

1.      Polish Your White Sneakers

White shoes can start to look dingy and dirty pretty quickly. One way to clean up a pair of white shoes quickly is to put a small amount of toothpaste on a brush and scrub the dirty spots. When the toothpaste has dried take a rag and clean it all off. Your white shoes will sparkle again.  This is not a permanent fix but it works in a pinch when you need the shoes and don’t have time to do a proper shoe polishing