5 Signs that make you know that your dog loves you

Many of us have an intimate relationship with our dogs to the extent that they have become members ofour family. Most of the time, we show love and affection to dogs, not just walking and playing.
with them, but also by providing them with toys and treats that dogs crave. In the middle of all this,many dog ??owners still ask, “do our dogs like us?” if do ‘how do they show it to us? ‘Many owners think their dogs love them, but they really want to be safe and based on For this, we will discuss 5 tips that will help you realize that the feeling of young love for your dog is appreciated and reciprocal by the dog. It’s good to know that a dog feels loved and loves you too and these 5 tips will assure you of the affection.

No.1: When dogs love to play rough with you

Dogs always show how much they love and love you when you find them dear and desire
play brutally with you on the carpet, carpet, lawn and anywhere. Even to some inappropriate times, if your dog is playing and fighting with you as he plays with his children or other dogs, it’s a good sign that he loves you as much as you. This game reinforces and extend the dog’s relationship with you based on your actions towards him.

No.2: sleep and relax with you

Dogs are animals that love and always want to sleep with each other to ensure warmth and safety against the dangers and this means that if your dog considers you as a sleep partner, then you can say boldly that the dog loves you. Getting a dog to sleep next to you is a sign of affection to you so much that he feels safe and secure with you.

No.3: Desire to jump on you

If you have been away for a few hours or even days, your dog jumps on you to show
the love he has for you and even though it may be unpleasant to you, it’s a sign that you can count to determine that he loves you. Dogs love to jump on you when they are excited coming up and well in place can teach better ways to express this, it means that the dog has
affection for you.

No.4: Tail Waging towards you

The fact of dragging his tail towards you as his owners is a statement he loves and has a lot of affection for you. Waging of tail means that the dog is very excited and happy to see you around
he. You can think of it as a positive sign of love, because dogs do not queue except the people they love.

No.5: When it suits you

Just like dogs hunt around the park or any place, they can do it by following
you anywhere and it’s a sign that he loves you so much. If your dog does this, then you should be sure that the love you show harvest a harvest of love in return.

No.6: Love stealing your clothes

Despite the fact that it is annoying to try to chase and catch your dog, because it took your clothes, but don’t forget that the most powerful sense that dogs have is smell, and taking your clothes shows is an indication of adoration and love as it shows that they actually love your smell.

No.7: Tend to lean against you

Just like us, dogs may become anxious or fearful, and if your dog tends to get close to you and lean against you at such times, then this is considered an indication that your dog considers you a source of safety and comfort and you should try at these times to relieve your dog from the anxiety or calming it to overcome the fear they have and replace it with a sense of delight and safety.
Dogs are playful and lovely creatures and we tried to give you a glimpse of some actions that dogs tend to do when they are happy regarding being close to you and you should always try to express your love to your dog by playing or walking with them and doing the things that they love from time to time and in return you would find them always love sticking to you.