6 Things You Should Never Tell a Man


You should not tell men many things if you want fights, jealousies, and rage attacks to be avoided. It is better that you keep your mouth shut in certain situations. Remember the old saying, “In the closed lips, no flies enter for sure!”

Are you someone who “Screws up” a lot? These 6 things you should not tell your partner are essential to avoid making a grave error.

1 Do you think she’s cute.


If your boyfriend meets a woman you know (friend, classmate, or work colleague) and you notice that he looks at her a lot, don’t ask him the question. If he answers no, you will get angry. It is better not to worry about unimportant details and make sure that nothing happens.

2 When will we meet again?

You have been on a first date with a man that you like. But, at the end of your last meeting, he hasn’t said goodbye to anyone. Are you asking him when he wants to meet again? Don’t! You should not listen to him if he doesn’t yet tell you. If you are genuinely interested in a man, he will offer it to you.

3 Have you ever slept with her?

Never ask your partner to discuss past events and with what purpose. So that you don’t let the ghosts of your past and the insecurities associated with it persecute you forever? Keep looking forward.

4 It’s just one football match

If your boyfriend is focused on watching the football game of his favorite team, then he is anxious. He moves around and screams. The worst thing you can do is tell him that many men love football and will not tolerate it.

5 Am I fat?

Always ask a question that ends in a fight. If he doesn’t say yes, think he did it, so you don’t feel bad. If he says yes, self-esteem remains on the ground. This is not something you should discuss with your boyfriend. Men are attracted to women who have no complexes and are stable. These consultations are not for your best friend.

6 My ex-boyfriend did it the same way as you:

Mistake! It’s a mistake! We should not make any comparisons between an ex and a current boyfriend. Talking about an Ex as a good or ill thing will only make him feel distant. Also, he might compare you to the women from his past. I bet you’d hate that.

You must avoid making unnecessary comments and asking uninformed questions when with a man.