7 Army Hacks You Can Use In Your Life

The military has to survive in so many places and situations. As such, they have created and refined several hacks that we can adapt to make our own lives easier without having to join the army. These life hacks from the military are so easy to use and so we say thank you to the army for coming up with them and sharing these hacks with us. We also of course, want to thank the military for their service to our country. Here are 7 military hacks that you can use to make your life a little easier and better starting today:

1.Maxi Pad to The Rescue

We all know what maxi pad is for and in case of an emergency, it’s great for controlling bleeding from a wound. If someone sustains a wound, putting a clean pad over the wound and tying it down with a duct tape can help the bleeding until help is gotten. Of course, you don’t want to cause an infection through the wound so you must use a new and fresh pad. Maxi pad also has another use that most people might not be aware of. You can put a pad in your shoe to absorb sweat and keep your feet fresh, or use it as an extra foot warmer when you place it in the soles of the shoes.

2.Protect your Feet from Blisters with Duct Tape

The army has perfected how to reduce the risk of getting blisters on their feet. As you can imagine, they may have to wear their shoes for prolonged periods of time which means that the rubbing and chaffing might cause painful blisters eventually. By putting duct tape on the areas that come in contact with shoes the most, you can prevent irritations and discomfort. This is also a great hack to protect your feet if you’re long-distance runner.

3.Layer Up with Runner Pants

Runner pants are light but they are also the perfect warmers or long johns without weighing you down. If you need extra warmth and don’t want to wear heavy clothes, or if you need to pack light but are going to a cold weather destination, wear or pack some light runner pants and wear them when you need to get warmer. Runner pants come in so many colors, textures, and warmth that it’s easy to find one that works for your needs.

4.Lose Someone Following You

If you feel someone is following you, that can be scary and of course you should call 911 as soon as you can. Even better, if you’re in a crowded place and can easily get to the nearest police station, do that as well. Or if it’s safer to stop where you are, then do what sounds best. But in some cases, you might also need to lose the person as well. Make four consecutive turns back-to-back. If the person made all 4 turns in a row as you did, then most likely you’re being followed and then you should contact the proper authorities. When you are turning, don’t turn into lonely roads so you don’t leave yourself in a position where you’re on an empty street with someone following you for possible malicious intentions.

5.Knot Your Boots the Army Way

Having to stop and tie your shoe laces frequently can be annoying and frustrating. You can imagine that someone in the army will not have time to tie their laces a million times and so they have created a hack that allows you to tie your shoe laces once and for all and have it stay tied. Tie some knots along the laces so that it can’t slip out and also tie a few more knots closer to the end of the shoe lace if you want your perfect bow to stay as you’ve made it

6.Bring the Shoe Shine Back

As you can imagine, army boots have been through a lot. If they could talk, they would want a rest. So, do you keep your worn-out shoe looking clean and shiny all year round? Well, start with using regular shoe shine and applying it to the shoes or boots. Then let it sit for about 20 minutes at which time the shoe absorbs the polish. Then using heat gun, or lighter, go over it without burning the shoe or burning yourself. Your shoes should turn really shiny. To make it even and smooth, use a clean cloth and wipe and polish the surface. You will have perfectly shimmering shoes.

7.Vaseline for Campfire

You can imagine the army would need to start fire so many times for some many reasons so there has to be a real easy hack to starting fires without carrying a lot equipment. Now, you might have learned this trick in boys’ scout or girls’ scout, but for those or us who might not already know, you can easily skip the fire starters typically used in camping or lightening up barbecues and simply put some Vaseline on some cotton ball. That is good enough to get the fire started.