7 Army Hacks You Can Use In Your Life

The military has to survive in so many places and situations. As such, they have created and refined several hacks that we can adapt to make our own lives easier without having to join the army. These life hacks from the military are so easy to use and so we say thank you to the army for coming up with them and sharing these hacks with us. We also of course, want to thank the military for their service to our country. Here are 7 military hacks that you can use to make your life a little easier and better starting today:

1.Maxi Pad to The Rescue

We all know what maxi pad is for and in case of an emergency, it’s great for controlling bleeding from a wound. If someone sustains a wound, putting a clean pad over the wound and tying it down with a duct tape can help the bleeding until help is gotten. Of course, you don’t want to cause an infection through the wound so you must use a new and fresh pad. Maxi pad also has another use that most people might not be aware of. You can put a pad in your shoe to absorb sweat and keep your feet fresh, or use it as an extra foot warmer when you place it in the soles of the shoes.