7 Superfoods That Can Boost Weight Loss 

Losing weight can be hard especially when you’re older and your metabolism has naturally slowed down. Or if you’re a foodie like most of us and the calories pile up! Yes, exercise can help with weight loss but what you eat or don’t eat make a lot of difference to how well you control your weight. But the good news is that not all calories are bad. Some calories are actually good for weight loss and will help accelerate your progress toward your ideal weight.

Here are our top 7 foods that are guaranteed to help you lose weight. We like to call it the Super-7!


You probably already know that salmon is a superfood with tons of great vitamins including omega-3 fatty acids which are great for controlling inflammation and obesity. Salmon also has lots of good protein that you need to keep your body functioning right and a healthy body is key to weight loss. Salmon also comes with the benefit of being filling which means you’ll get full faster and stay full longer, a great way to control your appetite as well as curb excessive eating which can lead to weight gain.

2.Green Leafy Vegetables

You were probably told as a child to eat up your veggies as it’s good for you. But why and how are veggies good for you? Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, arugula, are packed with nutrients which regulate your body and your digestive system. In return, this helps your body function properly and lead to weight loss. Green leafy veggies are also filling so you’ll end you eating less calories overall. A good trick for weight loss is to eat up the veggies on your plate first before your proteins and carbs. With your body filled with fiber-rich veggies, you’re partially full and will eat less of non-nutritionally beneficial foods, or foods that have denser calories that end up leading to extra stored fat, and an overall increased body weight.


Beans are one really misunderstood food group and probably because most people don’t really like the taste of beans. But, if you’re looking for a powerhouse that can not only turn up your metabolism, but can also help you lose stored fat, then beans and other legumes like lentils, black beans, red beans, brown beans, kidney bean, and others, should be your solution. Beans and legumes are high in protein which lead to you feeling fuller faster. They also have high fiber content, another reason why eating beans will keep you fuller for a  longer time. When you are fuller, you’ll tend to eat less and in return burn up stored fat for energy. Some people can’t tolerate beans and might shy away from it but if you soak beans until soft, and chew slowly, you’re most likely going to be able to tolerate it better. We think you should consider adding some healthy beans to your diet to boost your weight loss.


Naturally, avocados are considered fattening and probably won’t be on your radar for foods that can lead to weight loss or foods that can boost your weight loss goals. This is because avocados are known to be dense in fat, but the good news is that the fat in avocados are good fat, very much like those we see in olive oils. This sort of fat is called monounsaturated oleic acid, something that helps your body functioning better. Avocados also have a ton of fiber which means you’ll get full quicker when you eat them and thus eat less calories. They also contain a lot of water thus they are not high in calories like you’d imagine. We think adding avocado in moderation is a great way to tilt the scale towards the numbers you desire.

5.Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is another food that we associate with weight gain because we most often don’t eat it the right way. If done right, peanut butter can help you lose weight even though it can be packed with calories. How? Peanut butter packs a lot of fiber and protein for each little serving and this means that you can get fuller quicker and stay fuller longer. Peanut butter contains L-arginine, an amino acid found in peanuts that helps your blood vessels relax enough for blood to flow efficiently. When your blood is flowing as it should, your body will flush out toxins and other body waste that can slow down your metabolism. Good blood flow also means that your body doesn’t retain unnecessary fluids which can cause bloating that eventually leads to weight gain.


Very much like salmon, Tuna is another fish that should be on your list if you’re trying to lose weight by eating weight-buster foods. Tuna, and sardines as well, make our list of top foods that can help you lose weight because they are filled with omega-3s which are essential in your body for many reasons. Omega-3s can help your body lose weight especially around the abdomen. When combined with life-style modification, balanced nutrition, and moderate exercise, Tuna is a superfood that will help you lose weight as well as maintain the weight loss. Tuna is lean with low calories and is a favorite amongst athletes and models who want to maintain a certain body size. If you do decide to add Tuna to your diet, make sure you opt for Tuna canned in water rather than in oil.


You’ve heard if for years! An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what does that really mean? How does eating an apple a day keep the doctor away? Fruits! Lots and lots of fruits. Yes, we know that not all fruits are made the same. Some, like bananas, can be highly caloric while others like blackberries can have less calories. The most important thing is that all fruits have super nutrients and vitamins that can not only help to make your body stronger, but can help you lose weight. Fruit also generally have fiber which means that you can stay fuller longer, another way to help you lose weight easily and fast. Several studies have shown that people who survive on mostly fruits and vegetables are mostly leaner, stronger, and most times, live longer than those who don’t. We’re not suggesting that you live on fruits only as that could backfire. Your body also needs proteins, carbohydrates, and other types of nutrients to function. We’re simply saying that replacing some of the high caloric food with more nutritious fruits that actually boost weight loss can help you get to your goal weight.

There are so many more foods that can help you lose weight and switching your regular food with a couple of these options can really accelerate your weight loss and help you achieve your goals faster.