8 habits that we thought were great but aren’t


Your parents probably taught you as a child to brush your teeth immediately after eating and not to wait for the microwave to cook something.

1- You must clean your ears

Your body is fantastic and can do all the work for itself. This includes cleaning your ears with a towel after a bath or shower.


2- You shouldn’t be near the microwave while it’s in use

Although microwave ovens aren’t as dangerous as some people believe, they don’t cause any damage to DNA or genetic mutations. Microwave ovens produce radiation that can damage DNA and cause cancer. However, it would help if you were cautious about heating leftovers in the microwave. This is because microwaves don’t reach a safe temperature, so you need to be aware of this and be careful.

3- You don’t need to close the lid of your toilet when you flush:

Everybody knows that they should flush after doing their business. I do hope everyone does. However, if you leave the toilet lid open little bacteria from the bowl can get sprayed up 6 feet. This could lead to infection.

4- Always wash your food before you cook it

Some foods don’t need to be washed. For instance, red meat and poultry shouldn’t be placed underwater as this will not kill the bacteria.

5- If you have to,

If your nose is blocked, you will feel uncomfortable and may even be unable to breathe. However, cleaning your nose can cause serious problems. You can either blow it out carefully or rent it with saline solution.

6- Limescale built up in a kettle can pose a danger to your health

If you are familiar with your chemistry, you will know that limescale is calcium and magnesium carbonate. Many heartburn medications use these chemicals, and people do not take them seriously. However, there is still the misconception that limescale buildup in kettles can cause serious health problems. Not knowing how much limescale your kettle has can help you determine if your tap water contains chemicals.

7- Always brush your teeth after you eat

It would help if you brushed your teeth at least twice daily. However, it is essential to wait 30-60 minutes after eating to avoid damaging your enamel.

8- Crossing your legs can be dangerous :

People believed that crossing your legs while sitting down was a sure way to get varicose veins for a long time. However, recent research has shown that this is not the case. Varicose veins are common in women, especially those with many children. However, while crossing your legs as you set may draw more attention to your veins, it is not the cause.