8 Reasons Why a Husband Never Leaves His Wife Despite Being Unfaithful

Have you ever thought why a relationship lasts long? It’s because of the couple’s mutual understanding, but sometimes it’s because of the husbands despite being unfaithful they still want to be with their wives. Mentioned below are the eight reasons why a husband doesn’t want to leave his wife?

  1. men still think that his home is the best place


The wife cooks for him and also takes care of the kids. You have provided him a comfortable life. So he finds it difficult to move on, but still, he looks for an affair because trying something new is the nature of most of the men, not necessarily he will do it, but maybe he wants to change his life a bit. You have provided a complete home to him, which is like a castle to him.

He doesn’t want to leave because it is somewhere in his head without his wife; it would be tough for him to manage the house. This is a possibility that there is no love or passion between the couple, but still, there is friendship and respect. In your home, he finds a comfort zone where he can take the best nap.


  1. Maybe the husband is seeking a “break.”


There are many dating sites for married people who are seeking affairs. So the CEO of one of these dating sites stated somewhere in an interview that “there are so many people having good relationships with their partners.” They are a part of a complete family, both the partners are performing their duties well, but cheaters aren’t meant for a break-up in these cases. This doesn’t say that there is no love or affection between the partners; they both love each other. But maybe husbands find having an extramarital affair exciting and a way to feel relaxed and adventurous.


  1. He might be going through some psychological conditions and finds new women attractive.


There are so many stories about husbands who cheated on their wives. Yes, this is not a good gesture towards their wives. In one case, after some time, when the woman came out of trauma, she started asking why he did this to her? As it didn’t seem like he wanted to leave his family.


The answer was simple. He didn’t do it intentionally, or there was something wrong or bad about the wife. He did it because he was bored with the same face and routine (a psychological problem).


Some men think that a new woman will change their lives and they will be the happiest person ever, but in reality, it doesn’t happen. They still love their wives, but maybe, they are having some psychological problems.


  1. The husband loves his wife.


Once a woman shared her personal experience about dating a married guy. He was a nice guy and belonged to a sweet family. And the good thing about him was that he would never leave his wife. Now, many of you might be thinking about his strange behavior.


We found another guy who was able to answer this scenario. The guy was happily married for more than 20 years and had kids too. Also, he loves his wife a lot, but still, he had been cheating her for more than 15 years. It is just an “obsession” or “fascination” for him. On the other side, he also feels guilty about it. 


  1. Men usually don’t dare to change their life completely


After spending ten years with his wife and being a perfect husband and father, he never meant to cheat on his wife. But suddenly he meets a woman whom he thinks is his soulmate. A therapist Douglas LaBier stated this condition as a “Mind-Body” affair. This new feeling can be powerful and will cherish you from head to toe.


In some cases, men prefer to divorce their wives and get remarried, but some can’t do it. As they still find a colossal bonding with their wives.


  1. He is bounded by mortgage or children sometimes


One of the famous divorce lawyers who has already dealt with many cases stated her personal experience, “it is excruciating to get divorced, but it will be more painful to stop being a full-time parent.” This statement has stopped many people from getting divorced, even if they don’t feel happy in staying together.

Responsibilities of being a parent are more substantial than love; that is why many couples stayed together despite no love between the spouses. 


  1. The pain of getting divorced is not easy to deal with.


“Divorce” is not the right word to hear because it is associated with a lot of bad sentiments and emotions. A person has to go through a series of hectic dealings like, dealing with lawyers, fights, property splitting, and negotiating over the time schedules for children.

It has been observed that usually, men prefer to leave everything because they find it the more natural, and they will not experience any tears, anger, bad days that come with this experience. It is suggested that if there is no healthy relationship between the spouses, it is better to get separated and find a lover. Despite all this scenario, the husband still doesn’t want to leave his wife and kids.


  1. Realization of the mistake he made after having an affair.


A man shared his story and confessed that he had cheated on his wife with one of her close friends. He is fully aware of the mistake he had made, he is in real pain, what to do now? The guy has no idea whether he should confess in front of her wife or not.


Confessing about his mistake or not is his right, but what would he do if she found out about the affair, as he doesn’t want to break up the relation with her because she is still his first love.




Men are considered as a mysterious living being on earth. They find attraction in women. They usually don’t stay at one thing, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t care for their family. In my opinion, men generally do affairs because they want some change in their life.