8 Skincare Secrets That Dermatologists Follow


These tips and tricks will make your skin look young and healthy.

We all dream of glowing skin with no aging signs. However, we can’t stop the aging process entirely but can slow it down by following a simple skincare routine. Dermatologists are the experts, and they know what will work best on your skin. We spoke with dermatologists and came up with their skincare routine. Let’s have a look at it.

  1. Sleep on a satin pillowcase

To avoid distress and anxiety, dermatologists recommend you sleep on a satin pillowcase. After only one night, all the annoying sleep wrinkles will disappear. Furthermore, your nighttime skincare product will not stick to your pillowcase, and your skin will get maximum benefits from the product.


  1. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Dermatologists always prefer the fruits and vegetables in the diet as most fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, which are essential for healthy and glowing skin.

  1. Often wear earbuds

Your smartphone is covered by trillion of bacteria, which are far greater than a toilet seat. Dermatologists believe that using the earpiece is wise as it prevents your skin from harm.

  1. Avoid added sugars.

A lot of the skin problems are exacerbated by eating sugary items. The sugar molecules harden the collagen, which results in wrinkle formation. You may find it challenging to eliminate the sugar from your life, but omitting it only in your tea or coffee is good enough.  

  1. Keep yourself safe from the sun:

We mostly take care of our skin and protect it from the sun’s harmful rays by putting a good amount of sunblock on it during summers. But we completely ignore it in the sun rays of the spring season. However, according to dermatologists, the sun remains the same throughout the year. Regardless of the sun’s intensity, you should apply sunscreen to your face to get yourself protected from the sun’s UV rays. These UV rays can cause wrinkles.

  1. Sufficient intake of vitamins:

Dermatologists concentrate on the sufficient intake of vitamins. They suggest getting an adequate amount of fish oil to keep the skin healthy and young. Similarly, different kinds of vitamin B also help to improve your skin.

  1. Miss out on the hot shower:

Some people are used to taking a hot shower daily in the morning. It may be comforting, but it is not a wise decision. It has many side effects. Due to the hot shower, there is a chance of oils leaving the skin. Also, it can cause skin inflammation and dry spots.

  1. Make use of good products:

Cleansing your skin is very important every morning and evening. For cleansing, try not to use products with a lot of scents. Use a night cream, cleansing gel, day cream, and serum with significantly fewer additives.