8 Things We Wish Our Plumber Will Tell Us

If you’re like most people, you have had your share of plumbing problems and worse still when the plumber does come, he’s usually done in a few minutes and we’re typically out of pocket for a lot of money. However, there are ways to save ourselves money and make smart decisions to extend the life of our plumbing at home. Here are 8 things we wish our plumber will tell us to enable us save so much money.

1.Avoid Grease Going Down Your Drain

Most people might already know that when you flush oil and grease down your drain, it will eventually get clogged since oil and water are incompatible. This eventually messes up your drainage and you have to pay a ton of money to fix it. So, what do you do with oil or grease when you no longer need it? Place it in a bag and dispose of it in your trash.

2.Don’t Melt Your Pipe

Okay we know no one would intentionally melt their pipes but some of us might not be aware that some of our pipes or their joints are made with plastics rather than metal. If your pipes are made of plastic and you frequently pour hot water into the drainage, they will eventually start to leak. Instead, let the water cool down and then you can pour it down the drain carefully.

3.Fix Your Washer’s Drain Hose

Your washy seems to be packing up and you realize that the only thing wrong with it is the drain hose. You can easily get a new hose from the home store and fix it yourself. You don’t really need to call in a plumber for that. If you need inspiration on how to do it, YouTube and Google are your friends.

4.Baking Soda Is Your Bestfriend

Baking soda should be your home best friend since it does everything. From absorbing smells to cleaning everything, baking soda is a cheap and safe alternative to cleaning products with chemicals. Use baking soda to unclog your skin by pouring about ¾ of a cup down the drain. Then add about ¾ cut of vinegar down the drain. Let it sit for about a day or overnight if possible then rinse out with lukewarm water.

5.Bath Bombs Might Not Be All That

Bath bombs are in style and everyone has been fascinated about those ball-like colorful soaps you toss into the bath tub and with a little sizzle here and there, you can enjoy a relaxing bath. The issue is that some bath bombs contain oil which eventually clogs the sewer and messes up your plumbing. Some of them might even have additives like flowers and seeds that end up in your tubing and clogging things up.

6.Prep Your Bathtub

To prevent your bathtub from cracking or wearing, or even yellow, you can warm your bath up before use by running some lukewarm water in it before filling up the bath with much hotter water. By doing this, you are testing the patency of the bath and making sure the bath tube is still safe and durable before filling it up and getting into it. If you do this often before every use of the bathtub, you can keep the bathtub from getting cracked or discolored.

7.Don’t Flush the Wrong Things Down The Drain

We know everything cannot go down the drain but you might wonder what you can actually flush down the drain without clogging or messing it up. For instance, you can’t flush maxi pads or tampons down the drain as they swell up and clog up the pipes. You can’t flush oil and oily stuff either as they can destroy the piping. You also shouldn’t flush metal down the drain as they can get caught and eventually block things up. Or they might end up rusting and poisoning your water supply.

8.Plastic to The Toilet Rescue

When you get a clogged toilet, the tendency is to use toilet plunge to clear up the clog. Sometimes this works, sometime it doesn’t but it’s always messy either ways. Another way to unclog a toilet in a way that is less messy and cleaner is by using a plastic wrap. Open the toilet and attach a plastic wrap over rim of the toilet bowl and covering the toilet. Tape it down with a double-side tape. Then flush. This negative pressure will cause the wrap to raise. Push the wrap down and flush again and the toiled should unclog.