9 Things That We Shouldn’t Do With Our Dogs

Everyone loves their dogs as if it were their family this is because dogs are considered to be a part of the family. However, people neglect the fact that dogs do not have the ability to understand us the way a family can. Often, dog owners make long conversations with the dogs or try to talk with them with signals or different body language. Nevertheless, these signals are not interpreted or understood clearly by the dogs. This is the reason that people often tend to do things that have negative impacts on the dogs. When you will be aware of the things that are not interpreted in the appropriate way by the dogs then you will keep a distance from those things, for this purpose here is the list of 9 things that you shouldn’t do with your dog and some weird facts about dogs you need to know.

If you come across with any of the items that you do with your dog, then don’t get afraid or dishearted. Instead, try to keep a distance from it so that your dog has a better understanding with you and they become happier. You will be surprised to know these dogs facts.

  1. Being anxious when your dog is acting like a dog:

Dogs have the natural ability to bark, dig, sniff or chew things that they can reach easily. Since your dogs do not have knowledge of the worth of various things that they like to chew or steal, that is why you must not be anxious due to this behaviour. However, this doesn’t mean that your dog should be allowed to do everything that it likes but giving punishment is not the best thing to do in order to tame this behaviour. The best thing that you can do for your dog is to change and direct the behaviour patiently. Some toys will be better for your dog to chew on and you can also teach the baking dog so that it can use its inside voice. Avoid showing any crazy dog videos to your puppy.

  1. Failure in setting rules and boundaries:

Just like humans, dogs also like to follow a specific routine. The dogs also feel comfortable when their life is consistent. Therefore there must be a specific set of boundaries and also the ability to follow them. Some people make the mistake of dog face training. The routines can be easily formed as the dogs believe that they can follow a certain routine if they do it for a week. When you prevent them from doing it then they get anxious and nervous. Anticipating your reaction according to the behaviour o the dog is very important to them because they get stressed when they fail to do so. For this purpose, you must stick to a specific set of rules as well as boundaries for the dog. You have to be extra careful with dog face training.

  1. Misbelieve about the obeying ability of the dog:

People often have a false belief that their dog obeys them because it wants to make them happy. Make sure that you know all about dogs training before training your dog. This is true to some extent but the fact is that dogs are naturally opportunistic. There may be some dogs who obey their masters in order to make them happy, however, the main reason for obeying the owners in the minds of the dogs is that they expect a reward as a result. You might find your dog refusing to obey on your orders, in order to make your dog’s behaviours consistent with your order you must continuously reward him. Knowing the dog training facts will help you assure that your dog will not misbehave.

  1. Use of different words for one action:

In the human world you may say several words for a single behaviour, however, this attitude cannot be understood by the dogs. There must be specific words for specific commands so that the dog does not get confused in several different words meaning the same action. Therefore you must opt for the same word whenever you are commanding the dog to perform the same action, your family must also aware of these words.

  1. Telling “its okay” to the dogs:

Humans have this natural response to say “its okay” in a calming tone in order to comfort others. However, this behaviour might not work with the dog or may also cause troubles. This is because dogs interpret words as commands or signs, therefore saying “its okay” before something bad is about to happen will give them a sign this phrase will follow by the occurrence of a bad thing. For this purpose, you must use another word in order to comfort the dog.

  1. Pointing finger:

Finger point is the most common thing that makes the dog nervous. Since we point our fingers when we are angry therefore avoiding it is better as the pointing finger will make him realize that you are angry and will only make it more nervous.

  1. Restrain from a hug:

Though you may consider hugging to be the best way to express your affection with it, nevertheless it may not be true for every dog. Due to the fact that some dogs can feel trapped when you hug them, therefore you must completely understand whether your dog like to be hugged or not. If your dog is not fond of hugs then you must undertake other methods to express your love for them.

  1. Having eye contact with a stranger dog:

Having eye contact with your loving dog that is a part of your family differs significantly with having eye contact with a stranger dog. The stranger dog will consider your eye contact in a different way as a sign of challenge and may deal it with an aggressive reaction.

  1. Not exercising:

Everyone loves to have physical as well as mental exercises and when people don’t do that they get bored. Dogs also have this desire, they love to get played with or taken for a walk. As your dog is dependant upon you for a walk, therefore, don’t forget to play with it. If your dog does not get the activities it need then it might start to destroy things.

You must always keep these things in mind whenever you are dealing with your dog. In the same way you have to know all dog adoption facts before you can adopt your dog.

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