A brave police K9 assumes the role of protector for his new baby sister.

Jason, a member of the Clinton Police Department, encountered Sonny, a German Shepherd, when the department identified the necessity of having a K-9 program. Both of them were forced to dedicate their days to each other, forming an inseparable bond.

It was a big step for Sonny to learn to trust his partner, since they would be embarking on their life journey together. The police officer had to spend most of his workday in the car, so when Jason drove the cruiser, Sonny would poke his head through the open window. Adorable and courageous, the pup would be at Jason’s side with his head on the officer’s shoulder, dozing while he was on his feet. To Jason, this was part of the daily grind, but to Sonny, it was just plain fun.

Sonny’s olfactory senses were somewhere between 20 to 50 times greater than any human. There were times when the police had to search a 12 or 13-hundred-square foot house. It would have taken several officers to search for many hours to complete the task, but Sonny would conduct the search in a few minutes.

Sonny understood when it was time to work and when it was not. However, he had an even bigger job at home: being a big brother to his newborn sister. Jason and his wife had a baby girl, whom they had named Reagan. Jason was concerned about how Sonny would react to this new addition to the family. However, the German Shepherd knew that there was something that was changing.

Sonny had an extraordinary sense of smell that was 20-50 times more sensitive than any human. For example, police searching a 1,200-1,300 sq ft home could take hours with multiple officers, but Sonny could finish in mere minutes.
He also knew when it was time to work and when it wasn’t, but he had a larger task at home – taking care of his new baby sister, Reagan, born to his owners Jason and his wife. Despite Jason’s worries, the German Shepherd was able to recognize the change in the atmosphere.

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