Clever beauty hacks of olive oil from kitchen ingredients


Olive oil, an inexpensive beauty product

You often have drizzled a big splash of olive oil on salads or baked potatoes. But apart from these, olive oil is also helpful in beautifying your body. We assure you that the effects of olive oil on your hair, hands, feet, and entire body will surprise you, and you will be grateful. Let us explain to you about its work!

Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants.


  1. Refresh dry hands and feet

Olive oil is the best natural beauty product for your hands and feet. Do you often complain of dry skin? If yes, don’t worry because olive oil is a magical solution to your dryness. Traditionally olive oil was used with a cotton pad. But nowadays, rubbing it on the dry heels is more effective.

  1. A solution to split hair

If you have a problem with split hair, you don’t need to spend much money on hair care products. Just apply a few drops of olive oil and see the miracle. Taking the whole bottle of olive oil in the shower doesn’t sound practical. So for your ease, you should mix it in your favorite shampoo to reveal shiny hair.

  1. Cleanse the skin

If you have dry or combination skin, putting a few drops of olive oil on the face will give good results. You might think that the oil’s fattiness may clog your pores? But don’t worry because it won’t. The heat of olive oil will open the skin’s pores and ensure its proper hydration. Put a little bit of sugar in a small amount of oil for the cleansing effect, and scrub your face. I bet you that this natural scrub will provide you with a more profound skin treatment.

  1. Lip scrub

If you have dry lips, you need olive oil for the nourishment and exfoliation of lips. To get rid of dry lips, rub a small amount of oil on them. Moreover, you can also apply a thin layer of oil to soft lips.

When you put the olive oil on your lips, keep away from the sun because the risk of sunburn is very high. Therefore, the evening time is the best to apply.