Don’t Ignore These 11 Symptoms – They Might Be Indicating Cancer

We all are aware that cancer is one of the most deadly and scary diseases of the universe. This disease is spreading like fire in the world, and every five among 100 people are affected by cancer. This is because the diagnosis of cancer is nearly impossible, especially in the early stages. Because the disease is non-symptomatic or the symptoms are very mild, commonly misinterpreted with some common disease in early stages. But once it gets diagnosed, you should treat it as soon as possible. 


Though it’s a deadly disease, it doesn’t mean that cancer is not curable. Some cancers are highly curable with 100% recovery if you diagnose them earlier. That’s why it’s very crucial to be on constant alert for every small symptom. You must also pay a visit to a doctor every six months, even if you are not sick. 


Mentioned below are the 11 common symptoms for cancer that must not be ignored at all. You need to pay attention to every symptom to lead a healthy and prosperous life. 

Constant Fatigue And Weakness

Weakness or constant fatigue might be symptoms of other diseases, too, like leukemia, but who knows it could be a silent symptom of colon or stomach cancers. It may divulge itself from everyday fatigue.

Fatigue, which is related to cancer, doesn’t go away even after having a good time sleep, and it remains longer. Sometimes, the reason behind fatigue is blood loss, but that is not obvious. 

Instant Weight – loss

Cancer is a process in which the cells of the body start growing abnormally. This is the reason why people mostly face a sudden weight loss without any reason. Suppose you are experiencing a sudden weight loss without any specific reason, like exercising, or some diet change. This could be an alarming situation for you. 

If you face weight loss of more than 10 pounds without any reason, then you should go for a cancer test to catch it at an early stage. 

Thickening Of Skin Or Lump Formation

After the outbreak of cancer, it is recommended by WHO to self-test or examine your body daily. If you find any unexplained lump formation or thickening in your body, you must report to a doctor as this could be an early or late sign of cancer.

You need to pay some extra attention to new lumps, or also on those that are changing in size. But, still, don’t stress over it too early though before getting your tests done. Because many of these changes are purely benign, it can be treated, or it may go away by itself. 

Persistent Pain In Body

Although pain could be a sign of a variety of diseases, if the pain remains in the body and does not go away by any means, it is a clear indication of cancer. You should make a follow-up and check for a doctor if your body suffers from an unexplained pain that doesn’t go away with any treatment.

If the pain is due to cancer, then you can also diagnose the type of cancer by depending on pain localization. It can be a symptom of a brain tumor, cancer of rectum or ovary, colon, and so on.

Intermittent Fever

Fever is a common cause of almost every disease. But if the fever gets persistent and isn’t treated by any means, it is alarming. It would help if you did not avoid it. Almost all people fighting with cancer have a fever at any stage because cancer usually affects the immune system.

Fever happens more in the last stages, but if someone has blood cancer than fever can happen as an early sign of blood cancers, such as leukemia or lymphoma. Apart from this, if you experience fever more often and cannot understand a reason, it would be best to seek medical attention.

Changes In Skin

Among all the types of cancer, Skin cancer is considered to be the most common type, and most of the time, it will be challenging to recognize it in its early stages.

If you are noticing any changes in your skin like freckle, mole, or warts that change color, shape, size, or any other changes, you should get it checked for melanoma or another kind of skin cancer. However, skiing changes are not associated only with skin cancer, but you may experience skin changes in other cancer types too. So it is required to pay attention to signs and symptoms like darker, yellowish or reddened skin, bleeding, itching, etc.

Increase Or Decrease In Your Bowel Habits

If you are facing long-term diarrhea, constipation, or any similar type of changes in the color or size of your stool, it would be better to pay a visit to a doctor to avoid any significant disease. 

These signs might indicate different diseases, but usually, these signs are related to colon cancer. In the case of bladder or prostate cancer, one may experience pain while passing urine, blood in the urine, and a change in bladder function. You need to report to your doctor asap when you experience any of these changes in your body. But, also keep in mind that these symptoms could be a sign of UTI.

Regular Coughing And Hoarseness

Coughing due to weather changes could be a viral disease, and it will go away on its own or after a mild treatment. Occasionally coughing is also standard. If you are experiencing coughing followed by hoarseness that doesn’t go away even after so many treatments, then it will surely be a matter of concern. 

Most coughs aren’t a part of cancer, but if you face an abnormal cough pattern, you should go for a checkup to your doctor. You need to pay extra attention if you feel pain in your chest, shoulder, or back area while coughing.

Bleeding Without Any Reason

If you bleed with no reason, then it would be a severe matter of concern and is always something worth investigating. Maybe it is not a sign of cancer. However, it can happen in early or advanced stages of cancer.

Bleed while coughing, blood in the urine or stool, and any abnormal vaginal bleeding are dangerous signs and need to be treated asap.

Indigestion Or Trouble In Swallowing

Indigestion could be an essential issue if it doesn’t go away on its own or is untreatable. It may be a symptom of cancer. Maybe cancers of the esophagus, throat, or stomach.

But it has been observed that in many cases, this problem is not a symptom of cancer. Instead, it is a sign of another disease.

Some Uncommon Symptoms

The signs and symptoms we have discussed above are common ones that mostly appear in cancer patients. However, there’s a possibility that it could be a symptom of other possible diseases.

Swollen feet may not necessarily be a symptom of cancer, but it might be a side effect of cancer treatment. But, it is better to consult your doctor if you are experiencing an unexplained swollen fee.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you notice or feel any unusual or significant changes in your body appearance and feelings, especially when the condition becomes persistent for a long time, it is better to have a good talk to your doctor.

You can fight with cancer if you can diagnose it at an early stage. So it is recommended to check for your body again and again for any symptoms.