Length of Your Finger Reveals A Few Surprises About Your Personality

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Sit down and get relaxed! Do you know the length of your fingers reveals a few surprises about your personality? Sounds weird but in reality, yes, it’s possible!

People from all over the world possess different shapes, colors, and sizes and so on that basis, no two of the people could be the same in personality. However, that’s something which makes this world interesting to explore and amazing to meet different people. Do you ever try to judge the characteristics of a person you talk? To make it easier for you, just look at their fingers and you will get to know all about them. Trust me, it works!

The length of a person’s finger reveals a lot of his personality and characteristics, especially the ring and index fingers. By observing fingers, you can predict a lot of things about one’s personality accurately and you might greatly be surprised. However, continue reading this article, and you will get to know most about your personality. Trust me, you can do by observing your fingers.

  1. Charming

Do you have your ring finger longer than your index one? If yes, then congratulations because you fall into the category of “The Charming but Realistic One.” People with the longer ring finger than the index finger are quite often charming. Yes, their compelling personality makes people fall in love with them.

According to scientists, people with long ring fingers earn more in their life as compared to those who have a small ring finger. Yes, those people often tend to earn their livelihoods in the fields such as science and engineering. This is due to their problem-solving and highly practical approach towards everything. Whatever obstacles come in their way, they can handle every problem with excellent skills and patience.

  1. The Confident One

Are you a confident person? Let’s find out!

If your index finger is taller than your ring finger, then you are a confident person. Those people who belong to this category are characterized as self-assured and strong individuals who never step back once they decide to do something.

Those people are born to rule the pack not be slaved of someone. Never matters how much the stressful situation is, they are always ready to guide you in the right way. They recognized as resourceful, and confident. However, they are not those people who will step ahead when it comes to relationships, but no doubt they like to accept and appreciate by others.

They never feel afraid to do anything and take risks and go beyond boundaries. When those people decide to do something, they do it whatever it takes until they reach the goal.

  1. The Peacenik

If none of your two fingers are matched either of the above categories, maybe your ring and index fingers are equal in height. However, that’s mean you will be fall in the category of “Peacenik,” which means you always tend to avoid bedlam in your life. You may be calm, peaceful and well-organized. People who fall in this category are mostly considered as trusted and reliable by all due to their loyal nature. They always try to avoid conflict and clash as much as they can and always do their best to accommodate everyone else.

  1. The Silent Achiever

Is your pinky finger is small than your ring finger? If so, then you are actually a silent achiever. You are the kind of person who generally shy and likes to keep distance with those who you don’t know. However, even if you thought to talk with them, it takes time to get close to someone. Once you get comfortable with someone, you remain honest and compatible with them.  The silent achievers are considered as big dreamers; however, due to their shyness, they sometimes find everything hard.

  1. The Balanced One

Is your pinky finger reaches the first joint of your ring finger? If yes, then you are probably one of the “Balanced Ones.” Yes, the ones who know how to live a contented life. Just as your fingers are in balance, same is your personality and it goes in favor for you. The balanced one people are mostly considered as mild personalities. Sometimes this kind of people turn to in contingency because of their good and calm nature. This warm nature feels as impassiveness to others, but those who are close to you know how much your kind and sweetheart.

  1. The Passionate One

Do you want to know if you are passionate or not? Simply check your pinky finger. If it’s longer and reaches slightly above the line of ring finger’s first joint, then yes, you are known to be the passionate one. Everything you do in your personal life or career is driven by great passion which help you stick to your goal no matters how much efforts it demands.

They are being loved by others due to their passion, kindness, and loyalty which they sow to others in life. They love to listen to others attentively and always like to talk to people about their passions and goals.

  1. The Leader

Leaders are considered as the ones whose pinky fingers extends up to the same length as their ring finger, but these are the rare chances. If your pinky fingers extend up to the same length, then you are the one of “the leaders.”

Such people like to face difficulties in their life and never step back, no matters how hard the situation is. Unlike other people, they might don’t break down. They have the skills to handle every situation with a positive and smart attitude.

No doubt, leaders are incredibly ambitious and open-minded. They listen to their opinions and give them importance. They are a confident, energetic and great achiever.

  1. The Obsessive One

Now we are moving on to the thumb; which is usually defined by the top two joints. Let’s find out if you are the obsessive one or not.

If the top half of your thumb is longer than the second half; then you probably fall in the category of “the obsessive one.”

This kind of people tends to be fully focused on whatever they want to achieve in their life. This nature helps them to be successful at work and mostly they are considered as workaholics.

Their focus and attention make them special, especially if the focus of their attention is a lover. They tend to show limitless love and undivided attention to them which their lovers feel special. However, this intensity and overpowering make others feel extra-ordinary which helps in strengthening the relationship.

For one thing, they need to be worried is that once they put the focus on something, they fully focus on it and neglect other things in their life. Balance is one of the things they find hard to manage.

  1. The Objective One

Let’s find out if you are the objective one or not.

If the two halves of your thumb is in equal proportion; then you are more probably an “objective one.” Those people are considered the same as the “Balanced Ones.” These people can face all the situations very calmly and are extremely good at problem-solving. As they are objective ones, so they don’t let their emotions get heavy on their nerves.

Moreover, relationship and dating don’t come as easy to them because maybe they take everything as objectively. This makes them less interesting, but in reality, they are trying to stay calm. Once you manage to break their walls, they can transform into completely a new different person.

  • The Logical One

If the second half of your thumb is longer than your top half, then you are the “logic one.” Your personality is controlled, and you know how to hide up your emotions. These type of people usually a “half glass empty” person because they don’t trust people easily. They judge every person with logic and tend to describe them as real people.

On the other hand, people easily trust them because they don’t share anything with anyone else. This, however, also take a toll on their love life because they take decisions involved love and emotions very logically.

So in what the category you fall? Maybe anyone in those mentioned above. Just let us know what interesting you have found about yourself or someone else’ personality. We would love to listen from you.

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