Surprising natural colon cleansing home remedies

The tail end of the large intestine is called colon. Its function is to remove the excessive water from waste food so your body will be prepared for a bowel movement.

In case you have had a colonoscopy, you must remember the nasty beverage that you have to drink for the process and spend at least 10 hours going to the bathroom. In such a situation, you must have noticed how much waste is stored in your body.

No doubt, our colon has to perform a huge but dirty task. That is why natural colon cleansing is beneficial for your health. It will surely help you get rid of constipation. Research has shown that undergoing natural colon cleansing once a year can reduce your risk of developing colon cancer.

There is no need to drink the same nasty juice again when there are different colon cleansing home remedies available. Here we have a list of natural and gentle home remedies for colon cleansing that will help you get effective results.

1.Herbal Tea

The effective natural colon cleansing remedy is to improve the digestion, so a consistent and regular bowel movement will be maintained. Herbal tea is known for its natural laxative effect. Some of the herbs you can include in colon cleanse juice are.

  • Slippery elm
  • Aloe Vera
  • Marshmallow root
  • Psyllium

They can help cure constipation. It is better to consult your doctor regarding the ingredients before preparing any colon to cleanse juice or tea. If you get a green signal from your doctor, 1 cup per day will be perfect.

2- Saltwater Flush

If you want to get things moving in your body, salt water flush is a great choice. The best way to use it is to take it early in the morning on an empty stomach. To prepare it you have to take lukewarm water and add two teaspoons of salt, mix it properly, and drink quickly. You can use any time of salt you prefer. Within a few minutes, you will have your first visit to the bathroom.

You can even try some yoga poses with these colon cleansing home remedies to help you with the process. Some yoga moves like Shanka Prakshalana have been designed to help with issues like constipation. It is better to stay near the bathroom after drinking saltwater in case you have been constipated for a long time. You might have to go to the bathroom a few times in the beginning.

3.Changes in diet

It would be better to start a colon cleanse diet if you want effective results. You should include foods high in calcium, vitamin D, and fiber to support the digestive system and cure constipation. Some of the amazing foods you can include in your colon cleanse diet are.

  • Raspberries
  • Broccoli
  • Oatmeal
  • Milk
  • Dark leafy green vegetables

For best results, you should gradually include these foods in your diet. If you overload your stomach with these foods, it might cleanse your colon through diarrhea, and you will have to suffer from bloating.

Fiber is a decent choice because it will increase stool product and many support probiotics which are good bacteria. Fiber is easily available in fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains. Do not forget to add foods which are high in water like watermelon, celery, tomato, and lettuce.


One of the best home remedies for colon cleansing is adding more probiotics to your diet. They are commonly found in fermented foods like pickles, kimchi, and yogurt. These are good bacteria in the intestine which support regularity by reducing inflammation of the digestive system. It will provide the digestive support you need to stay healthy.

During a colon cleanse natural process, you will lose most of your probiotics. That is why it is better to include a diet rich in probiotics to avoid constipation in the future. Take a small dose daily.

5. Cleanse with castor oil

A surprising and effective colon cleanse natural technique is using castor oil. Take a glass and add 1/3 cup of beer to 1/3 cup of castor oil, mix and drink it quickly. If you want the best results, it is better to finish your beer within 30 minutes. If you do not like beer, you can use orange juice and add one teaspoon baking soda with castor oil.

Various users have recommended this technique but assure that you are going to stay at home for the next few hours because you might have to visit the bathroom a few times. It is a long process, and mixing castor oil with your favorite drink can help you relax.

6- Cleanse with Apple juice

In case you are scared of tricky techniques and juices, we have one of the simplest colon cleansing home remedies for you, which is using apple juice. It is a very power colon cleanser, but you have to use it in raw form. There is no colon cleanse benefits in the highly processed fruit juice, which means it is not effective. Extract juice from raw apple and add 1 tablespoon of bentonite (powdered) and sprinkle of psyllium. It is a very effective laxative that will absorb all excessive water, which will make defecation easier.

It also consists of magnesium, calcium, and traces of other minerals which are important for your health. It will help in detoxification of your body from all harmful toxins like pathogens, heavy metals, and pesticides.

7- Cleanse with water

The best natural remedy for colon cleansing is water. It is advised that you should drink a good amount of water special before and in between your meals. If you drink plain water on an empty stomach, it will help in the stimulation of bowel movement. Water helps the transportation of waste products through the colon, but you can get the best results if you drink more water on an empty stomach.

It will help eliminate all the build-up waste that will free up your digestive system. You will get the same results with the colonic hydrotherapy. However, drinking water is a simple and more effective technique.

There are numerous colon cleanse benefits that you will get once you start the process. Make sure to use the technique you are most comfortable with.