Diet and Nutrition

The Great “One Trut Diet” Hoax

If you give too much credence to mainstream diet trends, you’re pretty much doomed.

Maybe you’ll identify with the Paleo culture and become convinced that eating like a caveman is the way of the future. Or maybe you’ll go for scapegoating the carbohydrate as the source of all your weight-loss woes and subject yourself to trial by ketogenic dieting. Or, heaven forbid, maybe you’ll mire yourself in the swamps of outright quackery: “cleanses,” “unclogging hormones,” “biohacking,” and the like.

You can fritter away months like this, jumping from one form of dietary dogma to another, with little to nothing to show for it in the gym and mirror. And, if you’re like many people, you’ll just suck it up and soldier on, continuing your quest to find the One True Diet that will give you the body you’ve always desired. Here’s the problem: there is no One True Diet. There is no “shortcut to shred.” There are no “weight-loss foods” or “muscle-building hacks.” The “truth about dieting” is rather boring, actually. It doesn’t have the sizzle to sell millions of books and millions in supplements. But it has this: it works. Efficiently. Unquestionably. Invariably. What is this truth? Well, it has several parts, or tiers, and can be envisioned as a pyramid of descending importance that.