Cooking Food

The Quality and Quantity of Nutrients

What quantity of food am I to consume daily to achieve an ultimate body structure? Or what quality of food am I to consume?  You may have been asked this questions a couple of times or better still you may have asked yourself these same questions. But the truth of the matter is that it all depends on what you are trying to achieve in your body.

You may be seeking to add an enormous amount of body mass, or you are simply just seeking to lose weight and look the best. Now, these questions are twofold, first the quantity needed, and second, the quality needed. When the topic of weight is spoken of, most people focus is on losing weight. But to some people gaining weight is the goal. But gaining weight is not an open invitation to an eat-all-you-can buffet or an excuse to eat as much food that you can get your hands on. But whatever the case may be, a proper diet is what would enable you to achieve your desired goal. If you want a good result, you need to make smart decisions on what to eat, and a balanced diet is important. A balanced diet must contain all the essential nutrients, and most especially the macronutrient that is the carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Normally, our body requires about 2000 calories to perform normal activities, but if you are seeking to add more weight then you would have to eat more calories than you consume. If you are seeking to gain weight slowly then consume additional 300-500 calories to your basic diet. But if you are seeking to gain weight fast then you should consider adding up to 700-1000 calories to your diet. While working out the body burns calories faster because working out requires energy. So if you just want to stay fit while working out, then consider adding 300-500 to a basic diet of 2000 calories so as to replenish the calories that were burned during the workout. But for those who want to add a considerable amount of body mass, then you should really consider adding the 700-1000 calories to a diet of 2000 calories. Our body can add about one (1) pound of body mass every week for every extra 500 calories consumed daily. Knowing that you need extra calories when working out is not enough knowledge to ensure your success in achieving your goals for working out in the beginning. You would also need to know more about the amount of calories that should belong to a certain food class, out of the number of calories consumed.