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What You Should Consider Before Buying Travel Insurance

So, there’s life insurance, home insurance, car insurance, and there is also travel insurance. In recent times, many of us have seen the need for a good travel insurance. With so many disruptions of travel plans, even the best well-laid out plans can be disrupted. When travel plans don’t go as planned due to flight disruptions, flight cancellation, missed flights, getting sick, and the other million reasons why flights get cancelled the best next thing is to have a travel insurance that allows you to cancel and get your funds for no reason.

We all know that this exists but even at that, some travel insurance companies will always try to find a way not to refund us what is due to us when our travel plans go wrong. You pay the premium but have a difficult time getting the benefits when needed. So, how do you avoid this? How do you make sure you get a company that will keep their word and take care of you without all the underwritten (and unread) terms of the contract that nullifies everything you thought you agreed upon with them? Here are four things to look out for when signing a contract with a travel insurance.

1.Their reputation

It goes to say that if the travel insurance has been in business for some time that they will have a lot said and written about them. So check online to get a sense of who they are and what they are about. Google for scams involving them as well what people like or dislike about them. If you’re in a travel group then this will be a place to ask people for their unbiased opinion. Even though there are several tens of travel insurances ranging from the smallest to the big one, the top ones are always going to be popular and known. So, ask around for personal recommendation and make sure that people in the travel industry regard them as reputable and honest before you go giving away your money to them.

2.Your Needs

Are you going hiking in Iceland? Bungee jumping in Costa Rica? Swimming with sharks in Australia, Sky Diving in Hawaii? Or any other amazing fun but utterly can be a tad too adventurous for travel companies as it carries some risk compared to a simple vacation where you’re on ground and not doing much except visiting tourist places, eating ice cream, and taking a bunch of family vacation images. If your vacation is low key, the almost any good travel insurance company will do, but if you have plans for great adventures and are going to do something dangerous like hike Mt Everest, the travel insurance has to be good enough to cover you as well as provide the services that will support your vacation. So, check your vacation needs and make sure you find a company that aligns with your need before getting that travel insurance.


This simply means what is the reach of the company? How much connections do they have outside of your home country? If you’re stuck in the streets of Paris, can then help you find your way home? If you’re sick in Costa Rica, can then fly you home for treatment or at least get you the best care in Costa Rica without charging you an arm and a leg? If you miss your connecting flight in London on your way to Dubai, can they make things happen so you can be in the next flight without jumping hoops? A good insurance company should be able to reach far-and-wide to get you help when you need it during your travels – after it’s a travel insurance and that should be a service offered.


Money talks and everyone else listens! You can want all sort of fancy travel insurance but if it’s not within your budget, it doesn’t matter. So, the first thing to determine after you’ve checked for the reputation of the company, their reach, your vacation needs, is to see how much you can afford. Travel insurances are reasonably priced as insurance know that when you book a vacation, you’re not really planning on cancelling and staying home. They also know that you don’t book a vacation with plans of getting there and becoming sick so they are not looking at getting you with extra high cost of insurance. However, even as little as the insurance cost is, depending on how low-budget your trip is, it can be added cost to your bottom line. We advise that you find the most reasonably-priced insurance that you can afford and go with it, but having no travel insurance should never be an option.